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Born in Morgantown, West Virginia. Patricia Foreman moved to Tucson, Arizona with her parents, brother and sister in 1952. She has recently retired from as an office specialist senior and as a professional musician. Patricia's interest in the internet started when taking classes at a local community college to improve her work skills. She is now an avid user of the Internet and creator of the Web Pages: Poets and Poetry of The U.S., Poems from a Book Called..., 4-H Shooting Education for Arizona 4-H; several web pages for the grants and the department where she worked at The University of Arizona. Her personal web page at work is: Welcome to Patricia's World ; and her fun and family pages outside of work are: Clovis Foreman Around the World.

Patricia's most recent web site work is a site about Falabella Miniature Horses at Son Spun Farms and another About Web Pages

Patricia enjoys reading poetry, music, and surfing the internet. Of the many poets from around our country, some of her favorites are Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, and Shel Silverstein. Her favorite poetry books are A Little Treasury of Modern Poetry (1952), edited by Oscar Williams, Time for Poetry (1961), compiled by M. H. Arbuthnot, illustrated by Arthur Paul, and Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle...and Other Modern Verse (1996), compiled by S. Dunning, E. Lueders, and H. Smith.

Patricia Foreman

Following are Poems by Patricia


Just another year, another week, another day?
No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is your day, your week, and your year!
You have accomplished your 90th ... your long-term goal!
Have you re-set this goal, your long-term goal?

Now to think about your next:
your short and long-term goals.
Will they be 95, 100, or more?
Which or what ever.
You have seen, done, and accomplished a lot!

Happy Birthday Aunt Catharine
and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©2002


The morning sky
upon the black raven's wings
is waiting,
shimmering in the silence
of the shadows of dawn.

Suddenly the raven spreads its wings
and is soaring
and morning is blazing
as the sun, in like fashion,
spreads its rays upon the day.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©2003


Through e-mail, internet, and phones
friends, family, visitors absent seek
       and thus search
       for information,
       pictures, and such.

Through e-mail, internet, and phones
friends, family, visitors absent speak
       and thus touch
       with words,
       pictures, and such
Through e-mail, internet, and phones.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©2001


There was much to do,
we never talked of death.
We just never could speak the words.
He was ill, very ill,
but the words would never come.
The end was difficult and kinda long,
but knowing he was ill,
he would not get any better, in time.
In time, I realized the Lord had a better place for him.

There is much to do now, the arrangements,
the funeral home, the memorial, the interment.
His credit cards and bank account to end.
Then come the memories, the loneliness,
the restructuring of my life, the prayers.
I know the Lord knew he was ill,
he would not get any better and
He had a better place for him.
I will go on though part of me is gone.
There is much to do.

Patricia A. Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©2004


Submit my one little bit!
A little, I'll whittle.
Within reason, a lot,
along with information
and suggestions for thought,
relative, of course, to the subject.
Then I'll submit
to this poetry home
my poem,
my one little bit.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©2000


It has been two years since my husband passed away and
The touch of time changes everything!
We laugh and peace happens
We cry and are cleansed
Into night's dark shadows
Rivers flow and so flows the touch of time.

Through memory's loss and reminiscence of emotions
Love, fear, anger, hate and love again
We drift like the wind and streams over the earth
But with time and love, life brings us back
To laugh and to move on with a new sense of security.

The touch of time changes everything!
Relations, love, fear, anger, loss and love again
Like a walled up child we drift
But we grow in our sense of security
As the touch of love and time patiently lights the way!

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©2006


I wonder in awe of the islands in the desert
where water used to be plenty.
The dark shadowy lines of the pines on top.
The differences from one island to the next
of the peaks, plateaus, and windows.
The cacti, shrubs, and succulents in mid to lower parts.
Of the saguaro arms lifting to the sun in the day,
to the stars and the moon in the night.
I am intrigued by the golden barrels,
the native barrels, the hedgehogs and organ pipes
spotting the slopes, sides and floor of the seas.
Spellbound, I sit watching
the trees and the ocotillo swaying in the breeze,
the clouds gathering for the desert storms, or
the sunset radiating its red and gold rays against their sides
slowly turning the islands to browns and grays
as they fade into shadows of the night.
Such magnificent treasures are these
islands of the desert seas.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©Jan 03, 2007


One cool spring day
in the shade on my porch I lie
watching as a flag flutters
and the clouds drift by
in the breeze in the sky.

As the clouds drift by,
I watch as a dragon
forms in the clouds.

With seeming ease,
in the breeze in the sky
forms a sheep, then a dog,
a cup, then a spider
as the clouds break up.

One cool spring day I lie
watching the flag flutter
and the clouds drift by with
the breeze in the sky.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©Mar 2008


Saturdays, in the park we met,
two young friends battling on board of wood.

A chequered board of sixty-four squares,
alternating dark and light, eight by eight,
rank and file.

Pieces, thirty-two in all. Each side with
one king, one queen, two rooks,
two knights, two bishops, eight pawns.
Today's challenger Ivory -
Today's opponent Ebony.

Opening, Ivory pawn to queen four,
Ebony pawn to queen bishop four.
Pawn takes pawn, knight takes pawn.
So, on and on the battle rages.
Each side maneuvering for control.

Hours on end, passing the time,
move after move, pieces won, pieces lost.
In the end, checkmate or draw?

Today, Checkmate.
Ivory best two out of three.
Tomorrow... ?

Saturdays in the park we still meet,
elderly friends now, battling on board of wood
An old, old chequered board for games of war,
games of peace, games unending.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©July 22, 2008


Just a few lines of words in my mind.
Words that bind,
are behind all the lines
in my thoughts that grind,
from the home of the poems
that are born in my mind.

Patricia A Clovis Foreman
Copyright ©November 2013

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