Homework Assignments
A Note for All Assignments: You are encouraged to use a word processor for the assignments; e.g., Word/Equation-Editor/MathType. After preparing an assignment with a word processor, if you are submitting it as an attachment to an email, please convert it to PDF before emailing it. Word does not transport smoothly between PC’s and Mac’s.

If you prepare an assignment by hand, you must do it neatly. Vectors, matrices, and scalars must be distinguished from each other as discussed in the textbook and in the notes.

Any document submitted electronically must be named "LastName-HW#.xxx" whether it is a folder, a PDF, a zip, or else. Before converting a file to "zip", rename the file as stated above.

Disorganized and poorly prepared assignments will be returned without a grade


Due Date
HW-1 01/18/17    

Graphics.zip (A sample Matlab program for graphics/animation): Please review these sample programs if you have forgotten how to do simple graphics in Matlab (drawing lines, etc.)

HW-2 01/25/17    
HW-3 02/01/17    
HW-4 02/08/17    
HW-5 02/15/17    
HW-6 02/22/17    
HW-7 03/01/17    
HW-8 03/15/17    
HW-9 03/22/17    
HW-10 04/03/17 DAP3D-3.5.12.zip  
HW-11 04/17/17    
HW-12 04/24/17 Fourbar2r.zip  
PJ-F 05/09/17 Final Project presentation and submission of Report; 1:00-3:00 PM