The textbook for this course is:

Computer-Aided Analysis of Mechanical Systems
P. E. Nikravesh
Prentice-Hall, 1988

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PDF Files

The PDF files are the result of scanning the printed textbook one page at the time. Therefore the quality of a printed PDF file is not very high. In addition the size of each file is relatively large. This may result in a long downloading time if you are not using a broadband internet connection.

An errata file is provided for you to correct the errors in the textbook. If you find any new errors please inform the author/instructor.

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chapter 07 (716K)
chapter 11 (300K)
chapter 15 (244K)
chapter 00 (512K)
chapter 04 (1.2M)
chapter 08 (544K)
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chapter 16 (460K)
chapter 01 (864K)
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chapter 13 (884K)
chapter 02 (460K)
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chapter 10 (1.1M)
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