Theories of Values

This project views certain spiritual disciplines through many
 different viewpoints of how we come to have and use our values
and culminates* in a discussion supporting their evolutionary basis.
 *see Tesser & Martin in the Functions section
How do you define the word, "values"?  


Where and how do our values originate? 


Values are studied by many disciplines.  Here you'll see viewpoints on how they function from economics and various disciplines in psychology and an extension of those viewpoints into the intangible choices to be honest and/or to forgive.


Assuming  you agree that having "good" values is desirable, how might you more adeptly attune yourself to them?  
Listed in this References section you will find information on: 
The professor, Dr. Terry Daniel, whose expertise and insight was foundational to this idea; 
The cognitive psychology class for which this project was completed; 
All the works cited in this project; and 
The project's author. 
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 August 11, 1998