Here are a few kid pictures, and a few of me too:

Hauling home a Christmas tree in the bike trailer, 2012
Bikes and Christmas tree in bike trailer

Me at a petting zoo, 2012

With a rabbit at a petting zoo

Ethan at the botanical garden
With dinosaur at Botanical Garden

Ethan with a Space Needle lego kit, 9th birthday
kid picture with
          lego kit

Hiking, winter 2010
Hiking in the
          Tucson mountains

Ethan (age 7) practicing spelling by writing in peanut butter and chocolate chips (the word is "footprints"):

spelling by writing in peanut butter

We went to the "corn maze" near Nijmegen:

Ethan and Natasha at the corn maze

At the "bedriegertjes" water fountains in downtown Nijmegen (the spouts go on and off unpredictably):

Ethan in water fountain

Ethan at age 6, on a bike ride in the Netherlands.

Ethan on bike ride

Ethan at almost 4 years old (March '05) playing with his canal set:
Ethan with canal set

Ethan at about 14 months:

Ethan climbing on toy box


Here’s a favorite old one, from when he was 6 months old.