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Chronology of Education



1990                             Advanced Level Chinese Language Certificate.

                                    Peking University. Beijing, China.


1991                             BA with Honors. Phi Beta Kappa. Grinnell College.     

                                    (Independent Major: Languages and Linguistics)


1994                             MA Stanford University.



Thesis Title: “They Speak More Caucasian”: Generational Differences  in the Speech of Japanese-Americans.


1995                             Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute.

                                    University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM.


1997                             PhD Stanford University.



 Title of Dissertation: Chicana/Mexicana Identity and Linguistic

Variation: An Ethnographic and Sociolinguistic Study of Gang Affiliation in an Urban High School.




Chronology of Employment




1996-1998                     Assistant Professor of Hispanic Sociolinguistics.

                                    Interactional Sociolinguistics Laboratory Director.

                                    Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, The Ohio State University.  Columbus, Ohio.


1996-1998                     Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, The Ohio State University.  Columbus, Ohio.


1997-1998                     Associated Faculty, Cognitive Science, The Ohio State University.  Columbus, Ohio.


1998-Present                 Founder and Director, Linguistic Anthropology Multimedia Laboratory. University of Arizona.


1998-2005                     Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology.

                                    Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ


Summer 2005                Visiting Professor. Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute. Department of Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Spring 2006                   Visiting Professor. Department of Linguistics, Stanford University.


Summer 2007                Visiting Professor. Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute. Department of Linguistics, Stanford University.


2005-present                 Associate Professor of Linguistic Anthropology with Tenure.

                                    Dept. of Anthropology, University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ


                                    Interdisciplinary Affiliations: Joint Ph.D. Program in Anthropology and Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition and Teaching; Women's Studies; Mexican-American Studies; Cognitive Science.


Honors and Awards


1990                             Pi Sigma Alpha (National College Honor Society).


1991a                           Japanese Language Study Fellowship. Program for Institutional   Collaboration in Area Studies (PICAS).  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


1991b                           Phi Beta Kappa. Grinnell College Chapter.


1991c                           Best Undergraduate Paper in Sociology. Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Study of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Iowa Sociological Association.


1991-1995                     University Fellowship. Stanford University.


1994-1995                     Dissertation Fellowship. Institute for Research on Women and Gender. Stanford University.


1995                             Linguistic Institute Fellowship. Linguistic Society of America.


1995-1996                     Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for Research Related to Education.

                                    The Spencer Foundation.


2000                             Grinnell College Alumni Scholar Lecture. May 2000.


2002                             The Rockefeller Foundation. Bellagio Residency Fellowship. Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Italy. Summer 2002.


2003a                           Interactive Multimedia Festival Winner: People’s Choice Award. Awarded to Varieties of English website for entry in the Learning Objects Category. University of Arizona. www.ic.arizona.edu/~lsp


2003b                           Humanities/Social and Behavioral Sciences Distinguished Scholar Lecture.


2006                             Invitation to be a Scholar-in-Residence, Spring Semester. Indiana University, Department of Spanish and Portuguese.


2007                             Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Lecture. Department of Linguistics, University of Michigan.






2008                             Homegirls: Language and Cultural Practice among Latina Youth Gangs. London: Wiley/Blackwell. (Reviewed in the July 2008 issue of the journal Crime, Media, Culture)


Articles and Book Chapters



1993                             Variation in Gap Length in the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Cross  Examination Discourse. In Hall and Bucholtz (eds.). Locating Power:  Proceedings of the Berkeley Women and Language Conference.   Berkeley: University of California Press. (pp. 404-408)


1994                                                          “They Speak More Caucasian”: Generational Differences in the Speech  of Japanese-Americans (1st author, with Melissa Iwai). In Queen and Barrett  (eds.), SALSA I: Proceedings of the First Annual Symposium About  Language and Society -- Austin. Austin: Department of Linguistics,  University of Texas. (pp. 58-67)


1995a                           Syntactic Variation and Change in Progress: Loss of the Verbal Coda in  Topic-Restricting As Far As Constructions. Language 71(1) (with  John Rickford, Thomas Wasow, and Juli Espinoza) (pp. 102-131)


1995b                           Pregnant Pauses: Silence and Authority in the Hill-Thomas Hearings. 

In Bucholtz and Hall (eds.), Gender Articulated: Language and the  Culturally Constructed Self. Routledge: New York. (pp. 51-66)


1995c                           “Oyes Tú”: Linguistic Stereotyping as Stance and Alliance. In Loftin  and Silberman (eds.), SALSA II: Proceedings of the Second Annual  Symposium About Language and Society -- Austin. Austin: Department  of Linguistics, University of Texas.


1996                             “Muy Macha”: Gender and Ideology in Gang Girls’ Discourse about   Makeup.  Ethnos:Journal of Anthropology  6 (91-2). (pp. 47-63)


1999a                           Fighting Words: Latina Girls, Gangs, and Language Attitudes. In Galindo and Gonzalez-Vasquez (eds.), Speaking Chicana.  University of Arizona Press. (pp. 39-56)


1999b                           Turn-initial “No”:  Collaborative Opposition Among Latina

                                    Adolescents. In Bucholtz, Liang and Sutton (eds.) Reinventing Identities: From Category to Practice in Language and Gender. Oxford University Press. (pp. 273-292)


1999c                           Sociolinguistic and Linguistic Anthropological Studies of U.S. Latinos.   Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol. 28. (pp. 375-395)


2000                             Style. In "Lexicon for the New Millennium" Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. (p. 343-344)


2001a                           Language and Identity. In Trudgill, Peter, Jack Chambers and Natalie Schilling-Estes (eds.) Handbook of Variation Theory. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. (pp. 475-499)


2001b                           Style. In Duranti, A. (ed.) Key Terms in Language and Culture. London: Blackwell. (Revision of 2000)


2003a                           Probabilistic Sociolinguistics (1st author, with Jennifer Hay and Stefanie Jannedy). In Bod, Hay, and Jannedy (eds.) Probability Theory in Linguistics. MIT Press. (pp. 98-138)


2003b                           Functionalism is/n't Formalism (with Andrew Carnie): An Interactive Review Article. Journal of Linguistics. 39(2). 373-389. (refereed review article) (pp. 373-389)


2004                             The Anguish of Normative Gender. In Bucholtz, Mary (ed.), Language and Woman's Place II: Text and Commentaries, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press. (pp. 343-355)


2005                             Gesture and Discourse Markers in the Study of Language and Culture. (with Nicole Taylor). In Ball, Martin (ed.) The Handbook of Clinical Sociolinguistics. London: Blackwell.


2006                             Structuring Information through Gesture and Intonation (with Stefanie Jannedy). Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Structure 3: 199–244.


2007a                           Homegirls Remembered: Memorializing Practices Linking Language and Materiality among California Latina/o Gang-Involved Youth.  In Hodkinson, P., and W. Deicke (ed.) Youth Cultures:Scenes, Subcultures, and Tribes. London: Routledge. (pp. 123-147)


2007b                           Sociolinguistic Extensions of Exemplar Theory. In Cole, J., and Hualde, J. (eds.)  Laboratory Phonology 9. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. (pp. 443-454)




Non-peer reviewed publications


1999                             Oprah and /ay/: Lexical Frequency, Referee Design, and Style (with Jennifer Hay and Stefanie Jannedy). In Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, San Francisco, August 1999. (http://www.ling.canterbury.ac.nz/jen/documents/icphs.html Approximately 10pp., proceedings on CD-ROM.)


2002                             Talkin’ Californian: The Real California English (2nd author, with Penelope Eckert). Language Magazine.  Vol. 1(7). (pp. 29-34)         


Electronic publication


2000-present.                The Language Samples Project. http://www.ic.arizona.edu/~lsp

                                    Interactive pedagogical website and data repository for information on  acoustic and articulatory phonetics, phonology and sociolinguistics/dialectology of varieties of English around the world.

                                    Collaborators and webmasters: Sean Hendricks (00-01), Robert Kennedy (01-02).


2001-present.                Anthropology 383: Varieties of English.


                                    Course website that includes interactive digital material, including assignments, readings and a video exam. Collaborator and webmaster: Nicole Taylor (01-02).



Scholarly Presentations


Invited Presentations and Workshops


1993                             Bridging the Gap, As Far as Sociolinguistics and Syntax. (with J. Rickford, T. Wasow, and J. Espinoza) Invited colloquium. Linguistics Departments. University of California -- Berkeley, Stanford University.


1994a                           Homegirls and their Language Attitudes. Invited paper. National Association for Chicano Studies (Northern California   FOCO Conference). University of California -- Santa Cruz.


1994b                           Co-instructor. Workshop for Multivariate Statistical Analysis in  Linguistics (VARBRUL). Invited workshop. New Ways of Analyzing  Variation 23, Stanford University.


1995                             A Sociolinguistic and Ethnographic Study of U.S. Latina Gang Girls.

                                    The Ohio State University (funded). Vassar College (funded).


1996                             Fighting Words: Variation and Ideology among Latina Gang Girls.  Symposium on U.S.- Mexico Language Contact (Sponsored by the  American Dialect Society). Linguistic Society of America. San Diego,  CA.


1997a                           Vowels and Makeup: The Symbolic Coherence of Self-Presentation among California Latina Gang Girls. New York University Linguistic Anthropology Colloquium. (funded)


1997b                           The Life of An Ethnic Marker: Latina Gang Girls and Vocalic Variation. University of California - Los Angeles. Discourse, Identity,  and Representation (DIRE) Collective. Invited Scholars of Color  Speaker Series. Sponsored by the Departments of Anthropology,  Applied Linguistics and Sociology. (funded)


1997c                           Invited Participant.  Spencer Foundation Conference on Immigration  and Education. Los Angeles, CA.  (funded)


1997d                           Collaborative Opposition Among Latina Adolescents. First Colloquium on Spanish Linguistics. Miami University. Oxford, Ohio.


1997e                           How Variation is Instantiated in Discourse. Department of Linguistics Colloquium. The Ohio State University.


1997f                            “And the Earth did Swallow Them”: Students and Teachers Negotiating Peripheralization in the Wake of Proposition 187. Ohio State University Symposium on Redefining Latina/o Citizenship.


1997g                           Panel Presentation on the panel “Ebonics: Myths and Realities” . Frank Hale Black Cultural Center.  The Ohio State University.


1997h                           Ebonics: Practical Linguistics and Pedagogical Applications.  Community Forum on Ebonics. Department of Black Studies. The Ohio State University.


1998a                           Physical Education: Latina Girls’ Locker Room Talk.  Women and  Knowledge Luncheon Series. Sponsored by the  Columbus YWCA,  Columbus School for Girls, AAUW, and OSU Women’s Studies Dept. (funded)


1998b                           Discourse Markers and Ethnic Identity. Georgetown University Linguistics Colloquium. (funded)


1998c                           Language and Identity among California Latina Girls. Harvard University Graduate School of Education. (funded)


1999a                           Distributed Cognition, Gang Membership, and Instituional Memory. Department of Romance Languages. Harvard University.  (funded)


1999b                           Keynote address. Mexican-American Studies Annual Invited Lecture/Awards Ceremony. University of Texas -- San Antonio. (funded)


1999c                           Invited Speaker. Department of Ethnic Studies. University of California - San Diego. (funded)


1999d                           Spanish ToBI (Tones and Breaks Indices) Intonation Workshop. The Ohio State University (funded)


2000a                           Invited Speaker.  English Department. Texas A&M University. (funded).


2000b                           Invited Speaker. Women's Studies Department. University of Arizona.


2000c                           Invited Speaker.  David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.  Symposium: Latinos in the 21st Century: Setting the Research Agenda. Harvard University (funded).


2001a                           Invited Speaker. Depts. of Linguistics and Anthropology. New York University. NY,NY (funded).


2001b                           Invited Speaker. Center for Mexican-American Studies. Dept. of Anthropology, University of Texas - Austin.


2001c                           Invited Speaker. Depts. of English and Folklore.  The Ohio State University (funded).


2001d                           Invited Speaker. Department of Linguistics. Stanford University (funded).


2001e                           Invited Speaker. Teachers' College. Columbia University (funded).


2001f                            Plenary Colloquium: Ethnic Identity. New Ways of Anlayzing Variation Conference 30. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

                                    University of North Carolina.


2002a                           Invited Participant. NSF-funded workshop on Probabilistic Models of Natural Language. Area of expertise: modelling probabilistic sociolinguistics. Stanford University, Stanford , CA. (funded)


2002b                           Invited Speaker. Depts. of Anthropology and Mexican-American Studies. University of Texas-Austin.  (funded).


2002c                           Invited Speaker. Dept. of English Linguistics. University of Georgia at Athens.   (funded).


2002d                           Invited Speaker. Latino Studies Journal Board of Editors meeting and conference. University of Illinois at Chicago.   (funded).


2002e                           Hemispheric Localism and Gang Membership among Latinos in California. Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Lecture Series.  Bellagio, Italy (funded).


2003a                           Invited speaker. Anthropology Department. State University of New York at Buffalo.  (funded)


2003b                           Tera-Scale Linguistics: Multi-modality in Sociolinguistics. Invited Conference funded by the National Science Foundation. Monterey, CA. (funded)


2003c                           Invited Discussant. Second Language Research Forum. Tucson, Arizona.


2003d                           Invited Speaker. Department of Anthropology. Brown University. (funded)


2003e                           Invited Speaker. Institute of Phonetics and Digital Speech Processing (IPDS), University of Kiel. Kiel, Germany.


2003f                            Distinguished Scholar in the Humanities and Social Sciences Speaker Series. University of Arizona.


2004a                           Plenary Discussant. Phonological Change Through the Interaction of L1-L2 Bilinguals and Language Learners. 9th International Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Department of Linguistics. June 24-26, 2004 (funded)


2004b                           Plenary Speaker. International Gender and Language Association Conference (IGALA 3).  Cornell University. Ithaca, New York. June 5-7, 2004 (funded).


2004c                           Invited presenter. Semiotics: Culture in Context workshop. University of Chicago, Dept. of Anthropology. (funded)


2004d                           Tera-Scale Linguistics: An NSF Initiative. Presentation at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting. Boston. (funded)


2004e                           Faculty Fellows Speaker Series. University of Arizona.


2004f                            Intonation and Information Structure project Participant. Humboldt University Berlin. Berlin, Germany (funded)


2005a                           Digital Fieldwork for Linguistic Anthropologists: A Demonstration. University of California-San Diego. Depts of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies. (funded)


2005b                           Circulating the State: Gesture, Constituent Claims, and Political Discourse. Invited Speaker at Mershon Center Conference:Circulating Cultures. The Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio.


2005c                           Plenary Speaker. United Kingdom Language Variation and Change Conference. University of Aberdeen. Aberedeen, Scotland. (funded)


2005d                           Class lecture: Language and Politics in the United States. Department of Linguistics, University College Dublin. Dublin, Ireland. (funded)


2005e                           Focus on Irish English: Intonation Workshop. Department of Linguistics, University College Dublin. Dublin, Ireland. (funded)


2005f                            Phonetic Parameters in the Study of Social Variation. Department of Linguistics, University College Dublin. Dublin, Ireland. (funded)


2005g                           Smile Now Cry Later. University of Freiburg. Freiburg, Germany. (funded)


2005h                           Syntactic Variation Workshop Organizer. ZAS (Center for General Linguistics, Typology and Universals). Humboldt University Berlin. Berlin, Germany. (funded)


2006a                           New Mexico State University. Spanish Department. (funded)


2006b                           University of California – Santa Barbara. Department of Linguistics (funded)


2006c                           University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Depts. Of Spanish, Linguistics, and Program in Latino Studies. (funded)


2007                             Plenary talk. CLIC/LISO conference, UCSB (funded)


2007                             Plenary talk, CLASP conference, University of Colorado. (funded)


2008                             Plenary talk, Phonologization Conference, University of Chicago Linguistics.  Talk title: "Are we in crisis science?: Some indicators from exemplar-theoretic accounts in sociophonetics. " (funded)


2008                             Invited Speaker, ZAS, Humboldt University Berlin. (funded)


2008 (planned)              Invited Panelist, New Media and the Courts Symposium, University of Arizona, Rogers College of Law.


2008 (planned)              Invited Speaker, New York University Departments of Linguistics and Anthropology (funded)




Submitted, Refereed Presentations


1991                             Overseas Chinese in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Iowa Sociological Association.


1992a                           Variation in Gap Length in the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Cross-Examination Discourse. Berkeley Language and Gender Conference. University of California, Berkeley.


1992b                           The Educational Consequences of Linguistic Illegitimacy: Popular African French. Comparative and International Education Conference. Stanford University.


1992c                           Variation and Change in As Far As Clauses. (with J. Rickford, T.  Wasow and J. Espinoza) New Ways of Analyzing Variation 21. University of Michigan.


1993a                           ‘They Speak More Caucasian’: Generational Change in the    Speech of Japanese-Americans. (with M. Iwai) Symposium about Language and Society -- Austin (SALSA). University of    Texas -- Austin.


1993b                           The Self as Other: Language Attitudes and Media Portrayals of Popular African French in the Ivory Coast. “Others” in Discourse: The Rhetoric and Politics of Exclusion. Victoria University/University of Toronto.


1993c                           Variation and Personal/Group Style. (with the California Style Collective) New Ways of Analyzing Variation 22. University of Ottawa.


1994a                           The Reproduction of Racism in the Discourse of Young Mexican-Americans. Colloquium on Discourse and Racism. American  Association for Applied Linguistics. Baltimore, Maryland.


1994b                           Intraethnic and Interlinguistic Rivalries: High School Chicanas’  Language Attitudes. Berkeley Women and Language  Conference. University of California -- Berkeley.


1994c                           ‘Oyes Tú’: Linguistic Stereotyping as Stance and Alliance. Symposium  about Language and Society -- Austin (SALSA). University of Texas --  Austin.


1994d                           Spanish Discourse Markers as Stance-Taking Strategies in Latina Adolescents’ Conversation. New Ways of Analyzing Variation 23. Stanford University.


1994e                           Ethnic and Linguistic Stereotyping. American Anthropological  Association. Atlanta, GA.


1994f                            Chicana/o Youth and Language Ideology. Symposium on Spanish and  Portuguese Bilingualism. Rutgers University. New Brunswick, New  Jersey.


1995a                           Creaky Voice as a Meaning-Making Resource in Gang Girls’  Narratives. American Association for Applied Linguistics.  Long   Beach, CA.


1995b                           Affiliation and Codeswitching among Latina Gang Girls. Symposium  about Language and Society -- Austin (SALSA). University of Texas --  Austin.


1995c                           Language and Identity among California Latina Girls.  Panel on  Language and Identity, Southwest Anthropological Association. San  Francisco, CA.


1995d                           Gang Affiliation and Linguistic Variation among High School Latina  Girls. New Ways of Analyzing Variation 24. University of  Pennsylvania.


1995e                           Panel on Co-construction of Minority Identities through Schooling.  American Anthropological Association. Washington, DC.


1996a                           "That's the [tiN]": Converging Phonological Variables in the Lexicon of  a Chicana Community. Linguistic Society of America. San Diego, CA.


1996b                           “Muy Macha”: Gender and Ideology in Gang Girls’ Discourse about Makeup. American Association for Applied Linguistics. Chicago.


1997                             Creaky Voice in Narratives: Phonetics/Phonology Meets Discourse. New Ways of Analyzing Variation 26. Université Laval, Quebec, Canada.


1998a                           Preparing for Prom: Language and the Emergent Socialization of Romance. American Anthropological Association.Philadelphia, PA.


1998b                           Phonetics in Language and Gender Research (with Elizabeth Strand). Perceiving and Performing Gender Conference. Keil, Germany.


1998c                           Implementation of Super-Low tones in Latina Gang Girl Speech (with Stefanie Jannedy) Perceiving and Perfoming Gender Conference. Keil, Germany.


1998d                           Phonetics in Language and Gender Research (with Elizabeth Strand). Berkeley Language and Gender Conference. Berkeley CA.


1998e                           English Grammaticalization from Verb to Preposition: The case of Concerning NP. Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting.


1999a                           Institutional Memory and Social Networks. American Association of Applied Linguistics. Stamford, CT.


1999b                           Turn-taking and Oppositionality. In a panel  entitled: Negotiating Disagreement: A Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Perspective.  PRAGMA '99 Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.


1999c                           Panel co-organizer (with Gabriella Modan): Negotiating Mulitple Identities across the Lifespan. Individual paper title: "Girl-talk": Embodiment and Interaction among American  High-School Latina Girls. PRAGMA '99 Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.


1999d                           Oprah and /ay/: Lexical Frequency, Referee Design, and Style.

                                    XIV International Congress of Phonetic Sciences.

                                    (with Jennifer Hay and Stefanie Jannedy)


1999e                           Panel co-organizer (with Colleen Cotter): Investigating Style Across Speech Communities: Communicative Design Behind Social Performance.  American Anthropological Association.


2001a                           Issues of Language Style in the Investigation of Minority languages in Ohio. Midwestern States Linguistic Profile Conference. (with Amy Shuman) The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.


2001b                           Best Practices in the Acquisition and Digital Processing of Acoustic Data. New Ways of Analyzing Variation XXX. (with Bartek Plictha) Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina State University.


2001c                           Homegirls Remembered: Artifacts,  Transnational Spaces, And Institutional Memory In A California Latina Youth Gang. American Anthropological Association. Washington, D.C.


2001d                           Panel Co-organizer (with Scott Kiesling) Recent Advances in Language and Gender. Linguistic Society of America. Washington, D.C.


2002a                           A Congressman’s Response to Face-Threatening Acts in Town Hall Meetings: Implications for Habermas’ Public Sphere. (1st author, with Mourad Mjahed). American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, LA.        


2002b                           Incorporating the Study of Dialects through Multimedia: The Language Samples Project at the University of Arizona. American Dialect Society. (with Robert Kennedy, Nicole Taylor, and Sean Hendricks) San Francisco, CA.


2003a                           Smile Now Cry Later: Memorializing Practices Linking Language, Materiality And Embodiment Among California Latina/o Youth. American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL.    


2003b                           Presenter at: ‘Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes: Youth Cultures in the 21st Century’ British Sociological Association Youth Study Group Conference, Northampton, England. 11-13 September 2003


2004a                           Current Trends in Sociophonetics: the Ethnographically Responsible Experimental Paradigm. Linguistic Society of America. Boston, Mass.


2004b                           Semiotic Layering in Gesture and Intonation. (1st author, with Stefanie Jannedy, Ashley Stinnett, and Emily Kidder) High Desert Linguistic Society Conference. University of New Mexico. November 4-6, 2004. (Percent effort 85%)


2005                             American Anthropological Association.


2006                             Linguistic Society of America.


2007a                           New Ways of Analyzing Variation.


2007b                           American Anthropological Association.


2008a                           New Ways of Analyzing Variation


2008b                           American Anthropological Association



Conference/Film Festival Organization


2006                             First Arizona Ethnographic Film Festival. Festival featuring films from my Multimedia Ethnography (ANTH 620) Class.


2008                             Second Arizona Ethnographic Film Festival. Festival featuring films from my Multimedia Ethnography (ANTH 620) Class.


2008                             First Arizona Anthropology/Linguistics (AZANLI) Conference. Three-day international conference with over 60 submitted and refereed papers exploring the interfaces between linguistics and anthropology. Co-organizer with Heidi Harley, Dept. of Linguistics.


Grants and Contracts


1997                             Faculty Summer Research Award. The Ohio State University.


1998                             Foreign Travel Grant to attend "Perceiving and Performing Gender" conference in Kiel, Germany. Office of International Scholars, University of Arizona. 


1999                             Interdisciplinary Intellectual Communities Grant. Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute, Departments of Linguistics, Psychology, and the Cognitive Science IDP. University of Arizona. Project Title: Sound Structure of Language Group. Main Principal Investigator. Co-P.I.s: Michael Hammond (Linguistics) and Kerry Green (Psychology).


2000                             The Language Samples Project (U.S. English Dialectology). Center for Emerging Technologies Grant, University of Arizona.


2001a                           Online Course Development Grant. Anthropology 383: Varieties of English.


2001b                           Phonetic and Phonological Analysis of Brazilian Portuguese. Research Contract with Lucent Technologies, Speech Solutions Unit.  Principal Investigator.


2001c                           Phonetic and Phonological Analysis of Brazilian Portuguese. Research Contract Extension with Lucent Technologies, Speech Solutions Unit.  Principal Investigator.


2001d                           Vice Provost Faculty Research Grant. (Project Title: The Politics of Language Style).  Office of the Provost, University of Arizona.


2001e                           Riecker Grant. (Project Title: The Politics of Language Style) Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona.


2001f                            The Language Samples Project Phase II. Center for Emerging Technologies Grant, University of Arizona.


2003a                                                            Summer Grant Development Program Stipend. Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute, University of Arizona.

2003b                             Factors Influencing Homeless People's Perception And Use Of Urban Space. HUD project no. H21411SG. Grant awarded to Doctoral Student Martha Trenna Valado working under my supervision.


2004a                           Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute Small Grants Program. For pilot research: Linguistic Dimensions of Latin American Immigration to Spain.


2004b                           Media Scripts and Interpretive Processes in Arab Domestic Discourse. CAORC grant for multi-country research comparing Moroccan family media-based interactions to those of Lebanese families. Grant awarded to doctoral Student Becky Schulthies working under my supervision.


2008                             University Research Area Funding grant for Arizona Anthropology-Linguistics Conference (AZANLI



Funding Obtained for the Purpose of Establishing Teaching Laboratories


1996-97                        Interactional Analysis Laboratory Grant (PI, Percent effort: 100%).  College of Humanities, The Ohio State University.


1998                             Linguistic Anthropology Teaching Laboratory Grant (Percent effort: 100%). School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Arizona.


1999                             Linguistic Anthropology Teaching Laboratory Renovation Package. Proposal submitted March '99 with the help of Norma Maynard and John Olsen. Funded June '99. This renovation project for the updating and improvement of the Linguistic Anthropology Teaching Laboratory space benefitted the anthropology department and affiliated units directly.  The University of Arizona. (Percent effort: 20%)


Editorial Experience


2001-present                 Editorial Board, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology


2001-2004                     Editorial Board, Latino Studies.


2001-2005                     International Advisory Board: Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology


2001-2006                     Associate Editor, Language: Journal of the Linguistic Society of America


2005-present                 Editorial Board. Discourse and Culture Book Series. Blackwell Publishers.


2006-present                 Editorial Board, Journal of Sociolinguistics


2007-present                 Co-Editor, New Directions in Ethnography Book Series. Wiley-Blackwell Publishers


Occasional reviews for: American Ethnologist; Blackwell Publishers; Cambridge University Press; Oxford University Press; Discourse and Society; Ethnos; Hispanic Linguistics; Journal of Phonetics; Language; Language in Society; Latino Studies; Narrative Inquiry; National Science Foundation (Anthropology and Linguistics Programs); The Ohio State University Press; Spencer Foundation Major Grants Program; Ford Foundation; School of American Research; Tilburg University Press, Netherlands; Agence Nationale de Recherche (French NSF).




Local/state outreach

Spring 2002                   Luz Academy High School, Tucson. Teaching Latina/o students debate and interviewing.


Summer 2003                Cholla High School, Tucson. Mentoring Latina/o students in their production of an ethnographic video, providing computer facilities and instruction.


Spring 2004                   College Academy for Parents. Elementary-School Hispanic Parent Outreach Initiative. Office of Early Outreach, University of Arizona.


National/international outreach


Membership in Professional Organizations:


American Anthropological Association

Linguistic Society of America

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

International Gender and Language Association.

Modern Language Association



Elected Offices in Professional Organizations:


1996-1998                     Member, Nominating Committee.  Society for Linguistic Anthropology.   American Anthropological Association.


1996-1998                     Member, Committee for Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics. Linguistic Society of America.


1999-2000                     Member, State of the Profession Committee. Society for linguistic Anthropology, American Anthropological Association.


1999-2002                     Co-Chair, Committee for the Status of Women in Linguistics. Linguistic Society of America.


2001-2004                     Executive Committee, American Anthropological Association


2003-2004                     Chair, Committee for Scientific Communication, American Anthropological Association.


2003-2004                     Member, Anthrosource Steering Committee. American Anthropological Association.


2004                             Linguistic Society of America Nominee for invitational conference on Race and Human Variation organized by the American Anthropological Association.


2003-present                 Core Committee, Terascale Linguistics Project.  Representing the field of Linguistics to the National Science Foundation in working toward a new directorate-scale funding initiative.


2004                             Collaborative study of anthropologists’ use of digital resources in their research. Study conducted to benfit the design and implementation of AnthroSource, the digital web portal launched by the American Anthropological Association (with Bonnie Nardi, Assoc. prof. Computer Science, UCIrvine)


2004                                                          Chair, Search Committee for replacement of the editor of American Anthropologist.




December 1996             Television Interview: English Only in Ohio. Broadcast on December 5,  1996, Channel 4 News at 11. Columbus, Ohio,  NBC affiliate.


February 1997               Television Talk Show Panel: Ebonics.  Columbus Teen Forum. Broadcast the week of Feb 2-8, 1997.  Government Television Channel 3. Columbus, OH.


February 1998               Television Interview: Language and Gender. February, 1998, Channel 10. Columbus, Ohio,  ABC affiliate.


March 1999                  Consultant: Gangs in the United States. Australian Current Affairs Television Program Dateline. SBS TV. Australia.


December 2001             Magazine Interview: Youth Slang. 101 Degrees Youth Magazine. Tucson, AZ.


May 2003                     Consultant: Youth Language and Culture. Columbus Dispatch. Columbus, Ohio.


June 2003                     Internet Magazine Interview: LA Innuendo. Article name: Valley Speak: The Mutant History of America's Dominant Slang. By Tom Baum. http://lainnuendo.com/articles/article6.htm


June-July 2003              Host, Cápsulas de Antropología y Lingüística. Weekly radio show in Spanish. Radio Universidad. Broadcast Sunday afternoons, KUAT/KUAZ-FM Radio 89.1 FM (Southern Arizona NPR Affiliate). Tucson, Arizona.


2004                             Consultant. PBS Program Do you Speak American?See website.


March 2004                  Newspaper Interview: Dimensions of Swearing. Arizona Daily Star.


Summer 2006                KQED Interview: Youth Slang. San Francisco, CA.










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