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Depts. of Psychology, Cognitive Science and Linguistics

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Lab Head Janet Nicol, PhD nicol@email.arizona.edu


Graduate and Post Graduate Students Christine Mahoney, M.A.
Psychology Dept.
Patrick Bolger, M.A.
Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Dept.
Jason Barker, PhD
Psychology Dept.
Kumiko Nakamura, M.A.
Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Dept.




Lab Mascot Tess the Wonder Dog


Research Programs and Interests

Our lab is interested in understanding the underlying cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding written and spoken language.  Our studies focus both on monolingual and bilingual speakers, typically of either English, Chinese or Spanish.  Methodologies include strictly behavioral tasks as well as eye tracking.



Publications and Presentations

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Our lab regularly enlists the assistance of undergraduates in conducting our research.  Students learn about all phases of conducting psychological experiments by helping us test participants, construct materials, read background primary source literature, and analyze data.  Typically, junior or senior level students are involved, but if you are an interested and motivated freshman or sophomore, you are also welcome to inquire.  In addition to the general experience gained, dedicated students are able to secure personal and detailed letters of recommendation for use in applying to graduate school or for employment.

Commitments range from 1 to 3 credits per semester which translates to between 3 and 9 hours of in lab work per week.  In addition, students are expected to write a short (5ish pages) paper summarizing some of the research they have done over their semester.

If you are interested, please send e-mail to Dr. Janet Nicol at the address listed above.  


Affiliated Labs and Faculty

Psycholinguistics East

Dr. Kenneth I. Forster, Depts. of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Arizona
Dr. Merrill F. Garrett, Depts. of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Arizona

Dr. Andrew Barss (Syntactician Extraordinaire),  Dept. of Linguistics, University of Arizona



Interesting Links

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