Zen Talks




Desert Rain Zen Group

  • weekly sits Sundays 3:30-5:00 at the UA Little Chapel

affiliated with Awakened Life and The Open Source
Joan Sutherland Roshi is our holding teacher
our resident teacher is Tenney Nathanson Sensei

Santa Fe

Open Source project

& Awakened Life zen group

Joan Sutherland, Roshi

(The Open Source project
is part of the
Pacific Zen School)



Pacific Zen Institute

Pacific Zen School

John Tarrant, Roshi

(The Pacific Zen Institute
formerly the California Diamond Sangha
derives from the Diamond Sangha tradition)


Diamond Sangha

founded by

Robert Aitken, Roshi

(lineage: Sanbo Kyodan)


Zen Desert Sangha

is part of the Diamond Sangha


Sanbo Kyodan

Harada-Yasutani line



San Francisco Zen Center

Norman Fischer's Everyday Zen



Zen Studies Society

New York Zendo Shobo-Ji
Dai Bosatsu Kongo-J



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