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This page in progress provides links to teishos, mostly by Open Source, Diamond Sangha, and Pacific Zen Institute teachers. Most are links to the massive Coombs FTP site. Where possible, we've added titles, as a mnemonic aid.
The dates listed below are somewhat capricious--we did the best we could using what was available in the file.  Some dates refer to oral delivery of the teisho; some to last revision of the printed transcript; some to first publication in a journal or online.  Note too that not all of the links are to teishos, though most are; some are to talks given in other contexts, or to published papers.

Robert Aitken Roshi

Augusto Alcalde Roshi

Subhana Barzaghi Roshi

Ross Bolleter Roshi

Kirk Fisher

Zoketsu Norman Fischer Roshi

The Music of Our Lives: Comments on Blue Cliff Record Case 52: Zhaozhou's Donkey's Cross, Asses Cross (10/31/98)  (clicking on this link will get you to the home page of the Everyday Zen Foundation; click on the "teachings" link there to get to the teisho [fancy sites can make for tricky links])   NEW

James Ishmael Ford Sensei

Pat Hawk Roshi

Mary Heath

Mary Jise Jaksch Sensei

Susan Murphy Sensei

Joan Sutherland Roshi

John Tarrant Roshi

Arthur Wells

URLs for additional teishos much appreciated!


 This page last modified: August 4, 2000.