Heather Nagami



Call attention to the concrete.  Intuitively, we

understand and feel concrete. 


Concrete can be constructed of data from any of the big

plastic machines at the movie theater where popcorn is made. 

Grabbing popcorn out of the bag in the dark.  Feeling salt

grind under your nails in the bag in the dark.

Go for specificity.

See the puff.

See the seed.


Zoom into a close-up.  See the little ring on her little

finger like a little band of stars on her finger.


Render     Cinematic     Specificity


Does the form express your really true feeling?

Ask yourself, have I done something


sexy     irreverent     rebellious


Your concrete is inventing itself.

A sense of wholeness, integrity,

that feels true to you.

What shape appeals to you?


the hourglass, the cone, the Erlenmeyer flask


There is a kind of plastic surgery called otoplasty.

I think itís beautiful.

Look for specialized concrete that hasnít been employed before.


And lastly, be consistent within a certain formula


     home + gun = safety


and other such givens.


The hallmark of an emerging form

is coming.  Catch it while you can.


These pages last modified September 2, 2007.