Dr. Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman
Biosphere 2 
Since 2008, I've been an Assistant Research Professor with Biosphere 2 at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. I teach and mentor graduate students with the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Arizona.

My research interests focus on understanding how humans interact with their environment and affect ecological processes. My research program is primarily directed at developing an understanding of anthropogenic influences on ecosystems, with specific focus on the ecology of cities. A large part of this research program involves understanding the ecological performance of designed elements of the built environment and green infrastructure in cities, and how this is particular to arid environments. This research draws on a resilience perspective to integrate ecological and social sciences to understand how decision making affects the sustainability of socio-ecological systems. Ultimately these data provide an assessment of ecosystem health and the provision of ecosystem services, indicating how cities and environments respond to decision making, planning, design, and global change.  



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