Data Repository

Mark Walker has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for three projects in recent years that have produced data, either from experiments or from field empirical studies. The data from these projects can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below. (This section of the website is still under construction: most links don't work yet. It'll be completed soon, though.)

SBR-9311455, June 1993 to May 1996
Learning to Play Nash Equilibrium: A Program of Experimental Research
Principal Investigators: James C. Cox and Mark Walker

"An Experiment to Evaluate Bayesian Learning of Nash Equilibrium Play"
James Cox, Jason Shachat, and Mark Walker

"Learning to Play Cournot Duopoly Strategies"
James Cox and Mark Walker

"Unobserved Heterogeneity and Equilibrium: An Experimental Study of Bayesian and Adaptive Learning in Normal Form Games"
Jason Shachat and Mark Walker

SBR-9710289, September 1997 - August 2000.
Cognitive Aspects of Strategic Behavior
Principal Investigator: Mark Walker

"Minimax Play at Wimbledon"
Mark Walker and John Wooders

"Reinforcement, Belief Learning, and Information Processing in Games"
Todd Swarthout and Mark Walker

"Hide and Seek in Arizona"
Robert Rosenthal, Jason Shachat, and Mark Walker

SES-0099353, June 2001 to May 2003.
Experience and Expertise in Strategic Behavior
Principal Investigators: Mark Walker and John Wooders

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