Economics 519 Lecture Notes

  BinaryRelations, Equivalence Relations, and Partitions

  Norms and Metrics, Normed Vector Spaces, and Metric Spaces

  Sequences and Convergence in Metric Spaces

  Some Notation: Set of All Functions, Set of All Subsets

  Additional Notes on Convergence in Function Spaces

  Open Sets and Closed Sets in Metric Spaces

  Cauchy Sequences and Complete Metric Spaces

  Continuous Functions in Metric Spaces

  The Bolzano-Weierstrass Property and Compactness

  Topology and Topological Spaces

  Fixed Point Theorems

  Example: Growth Theory and Dynamic Programming

  Correspondences, the Maximum Theorem, and Kakutani's Theorem

  Handwritten Notes on The Maximum Theorem

  Some Elementary Convex Analysis Econ 519 Home Page