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(updated 10/2011; * = Stiner, advisor or co-advisor)


Liye Xie, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: lithic analysis, ethnoarchaeology, and the transition from foraging to food production, East Asia, North America and Central America.

D. Shane Miller, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: Paleoindian and hunter-gatherer archaeology; lithic technology; spatial analyses and GIS; North America

Amy E. Clark, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: Paleolithic archaeology, lithic technology, hunter-gatherer subsistence and mobility, Turkey, Europe

Tammy Buonasera*, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: Hunter-gatherers, human behavioral ecology, plant use, plant processing technology, residue analysis, archaeometry

Joshua Reuther*, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: Hunter-gatherers, Arctic, geoarchaeology, radiocarbon dating, spatial analysis, CRM, technology, zooarchaeology

William Reitze, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: Paleoindians, geoarchaeology, Southwest and Great Plains of North America


Lisa Janz, PhD 2011
Interests: Technological change, ecology, transition to nomadic pastoralism and agriculture, human response to climate change, Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia

Britt Starkovich*, UA PhD student in Anthropology
Interests: Paleolithic, zooarchaeology, hunter-gatherers, Balkans region, Western Europe, North America

Deanna Grimstead*, PhD 2011
Interests: Zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology, isotope geochemistry, western North America, resource intensification, climate change

Britt Starkovich*, PhD 2011
Interests: Paleolithic, zooarchaeology, hunter-gatherers, Balkans region, Western Europe, North America

Susan Mentzer*, PhD 2011 (currently at U Tubingen, Germany)
Interests: Geoarchaeology, site formation processes and soil micromorphology, Paleolithic, experimental archaeology; mineralogy of archaeological sediments, Turkey, Russia, Europe, Central Asia

Tiina Manne*, PhD 2010 (currently at U Queensland)
Interests: Upper Paleolithic Iberia, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology, marine geology, hunter-gatherers, resource intensification, coastal archaeology, experimental archaeology, site formation processes and taphonomy, Australia, Iberia

Jesse A. M. Ballenger, PhD 2010 (currently at SRI, Tucson)
Interests: hunter-gatherers, Pleistocene ecology, geochronology, lithic technology, North America, Mexico, Middle East, colonization

Jon Scholnick*, PhD 2010
Interests: culture transmission, apprenticeship networks and social learning mechanisms, development of historic stone carving traditions, North America, agent-based modeling, spatial analysis and GIS, social learning

Matthew E. Hill, PhD 2007*, (currently at U Iowa)
Interests: Zooarchaeology, Paleoindians, spatial Analysis, ethnoarchaeology, taphonomy and site formation processes, isotope geochemistry, hunter-gatherers, quantitative methods, CRM, North America

Lauren Milligan, PhD 2007* , (currently post-doc, Berkeley)
Interests: Primate behavior, diet and ecology, milk chemistry and lactation, life history strategies, mammalogy, fatty acids and brain development

Joseph Beaver, PhD 2007*
Interests: Epipaleolithic, lithic technology, hunter-gatherers, quantitative methods, Europe, Middle East, North America, predator prey simulation modeling, human behavioral ecology

Amy Margaris, PhD 2006, (Currently at Oberlin College)
Interests: Osseous technology, hunter-gatherers, technological transmission and change, design mechanics, experimental archaeology, American Arctic, Paleolithic, Middle East, Europe

Vincent Lamotta, PhD 2006, (Currently at U Illinois - Chicago)
Interests: Mortuary variability, archaeometry, zooarchaeology, taphonomy and site formation processes, behavioral archaeology

Janet Griffitts, PhD 2006
Interests: CRM, Bone technology, experimental approaches, Great Plains, hunter-gatherers

Luke Premo, PhD 2006, (Currently at Washington State U)
Interests: Agent-based modeling, evolution of altruism, human evolution, landscape archaeology, Lower Paleolithic archaeology, multilevel selection, null models, and spatial statistics

Michelle Bezanson, PhD 2006, (Currently at Santa Clara U)
Interests: Primate behavior, Central America

Rebecca Dean, PhD 2003*, (Currently at U Minnesota-Morris)
Interests: Forager-farmer transition, evolution of commensal mammals, zooarchaeology, arid land ecology, Epipaleolithic, Neolithic, Europe, Middle East, North America

Nicole Waguespack, PhD 2003*, (Currently at U Wyoming)
Interests: Paleoindians, human behavioral ecology, demography, zooarchaeology, spatial analysis, ethnoarchaeology, hunter-gatherers

Todd Surovell, PhD 2003, (Currently at U Wyoming)
Interests: Paleoindians, human behavioral ecology, demography, lithic technology, hunter-gatherers, spatial analysis

John McClelland, PhD 2003, (Currently at Arizona State Museum, Tucson)
Interests: Human osteology, paleopathology, CRM, mortuary archaeology, American Southwestern region

Natalie Munro, PhD 2001*, (Currently U Connecticut-Storrs)
Interests: Epipaleolithic, Neolithic, forager-farmer transition, southern Europe, Middle East, hunter-gatherers, zooarchaeology, human behavioral ecology,

Michelle Stephens, PhD 2001
Interests: Lithic technology, hunter-gatherers, mobility patterns, American Southwestern region, CRM

Helga Wocherl, PhD 1997
Interests: forager-farmer transition, American Southwestern region, CRM

Steven Wolverton, PhD 2001 (Currently at U North Texas)
Interests: Zooarchaeology, vertebrate taphonomy, paleoecology, North America

Regina Chapin-Pyritz, PhD 2000 (Currently in Tucson)
Interests: CRM, Zooarchaeology, American Southwestern region, CRM

P. Jeffrey Brantingham, PhD 1999, (Currently at UCLA)
Interests: Palelithic, Eastern and Central Asia, technology, demography, computer simulation modeling

Bonnie Pitblado, PhD 1999, (Currently at Utah State U - Logan)
Interests: Paleoindian archaeology, Rocky Mountains, North America


Aysen Açikkol (Ankara University, PhD 2006), Currently faculty at Sivas University, Turkey
Interests: Paleolithic, Neolithic, zooarchaeology, human osteology, Turkey

Hakan Yilmaz, PhD student at Ankara University
Interests: Paleolithic technology, microwear analysis, Turkey

Ismail Baykara (Ankara University, PhD 2010)
Interests: Paleolithic technology, human osteology, Turkey, hunter-gatherers

Hakan Yilmaz (Ankara University, PhD 2010)
Interests: Paleolithic technology, human osteology, Turkey, hunter-gatherers

John Mclelland Natalie Munro
Bonnie Pitblado Aysen Acikkol
Hakan Yilmaz
Ismail 'McLovin' Baykara


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