How to Save Our Country: A Nonpartisan Vision for Change

By Miklos N. Szilagyi. Pallas Press, Tucson, AZ, 256 pp., ISBN 1-882969-17-0. US$17.95 + shipping. Distributors: Baker & Taylor, Ingram.

An unusually straightforward, comprehensive, insightful, and heartfelt book about a nonpartisan, common sense approach to fixing our problems. The author intends to shock Americans into the realization that our educational, governmental, and political systems must be fundamentally reformed, and he offers specific solutions. His basic idea is that we must restore individual responsibility.

He is an internationally recognized scientist, author, and educator. As a naturalized American citizen who has experienced both fascism and communism and lived in six countries, Szilagyi appreciates America. He provides hope that this country will be great again.

"It should be required reading for every adult... It offers as good an explanation of America's moral and political decay as The Disuniting of America by Arthur Schlesinger." -- Public Choice

"I want you to know how impressed I was by your very comprehensive, insightful, and heartfelt book, How to Save Our Country. With great energy and dedication, you have challenged all Americans to reexamine themselves and their society." -- Richard Nixon

"I really enjoyed it. Mike is very good with words, and he has put down many things that I have been thinking about. It's a good book." -- Barry Goldwater

Here are some more reviews and some excerpts from the book: "Elections or Democracy?" and "The End of Democracy?."

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