Reviews of "How to Save Our Country"

"I want you to know how impressed I was by your very comprehensive, insightful, and heartfelt book, How To Save Our Country. With great energy and dedication, you have challenged all Americans to reexamine themselves and their society." -- Richard Nixon

"I really enjoyed it. Mike is very good with words, and he has put down many things that I have been thinking about. It is a good book." -- Barry Goldwater

"Keep fighting. America needs your wake-up call." -- Richard Lamm, Former Governor of Colorado

"How To Save Our Country deserves ongoing mention as an important vision for a more positive America. The blessing of this book [is] in its "down home" approach. Students as well as adults should find plenty of interest here." -- Diane Donovan, The Midwest Book Review

"A unique book by a unique individual. A must read. It should be included in every political science curriculum from high school through college." -- Daniel Interrant, East Valley Senior News

"How To Save Our Country is a must read for all who care about America's future." -- Edith Smith, The Valdosta Daily Times

"Thank you for writing such a great book, I couldn't put it down." -- Melva Elliott, Daughters of the American Revolution

"A unique, timely, and unusually straightforward book." -- Millie Anderson, Green Valley News and Sun

"Powerfully strong. An attempt to get us back to normal again. Millions should read this book." -- William V. Zucker, Ph.D., Author

"I thrilled to read a book that offers practical, positive solutions! I highly recommend it. Thank you, Mr. Szilagyi." -- Anna Belle Whiting, Oro Valley News

"What I read was fascinating." -- Tim Collins, Aerosmith, Cambridge, MA

"Dr. Szilagyi, with the energy of a scientist and the zeal of a patriot, has written a comprehensive and penetrating attack on virtually all institutions in American society, brandishing the sword of value change in his attack." -- Thomas Volgy, Ph.D., Former Mayor of Tucson

"A very interesting book. Lots of interesting ideas. We should consider these proposals. The approach is loyal and patriotic. Good read, interesting observations. I can certainly recommend it. -- Michael Harrington, KVON Radio Station, Napa, CA

"You have much to say regarding education in our country and about society in general. A very fascinating, eloquent, provocative, marvelous, wonderful book. It is full of good common sense, full of great ideas. It has a fresh look, and it is right to the point." -- Eric R. Abrams, School Principal, Tucson

"I'm very positively impressed. This is great. We need the changes that you lay out. Hurray for freedom, Hurray for you!" -- Roger Kring, Durango, CO

"Szilagyi has done more than many of today's politicians. How To Save Our Country starts the conversation about change." -- Stacey Nicholas, The Macomb Journal

"I started flipping through it, then reading it. The more I read the more intriguesd I became." -- Barry Young, KFYI Radio Station, Phoenix, AZ

"The author evaluates the problems afflicting most major United States institutions and suggests ways of correcting them." -- The Rotarian

"Just the Section 'Eliminate Irresponsible Business Practices' is worth the price of the book." -- Mensa Bulletin

"We enjoyed the book tremendously. If any of you have not yet acquired it, I urge you to do so. It ought to be required reading for everyone." -- Ben Gilberti, Carlsbad, CA

"This book is a masterpiece! It is one of the lessons students need to be taught. It has ample examples and solutions. It is a dedication to improve mankind's way of life on this planet!" -- Gerardus Tros, Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Brilliant, beautifully organized, and utterly clarified. It is the work of a Renaissance Man: everything is in it. The anecdotes are riveting; the arguments are lucid and cogent. The book is immensely readable and provocative and, here and there, even funny." -- Cynthia Ozick, Author, New Rochelle, NY

"A gutsy book. Rousing, patriotic, an excellent work. His words deserve attention." -- Curtis Casewit, Mature Life Features

"How To Save Our Country should be required reading for every adult in the country. It is definitely thought provoking. Readers will not only find their interests stimulated, but will find themselves educated and challenged as well. [The book] offers as good an explanation of America's moral and political decay as The Disuniting of America [by Arthur] Schlesinger." -- Robert K. Robinson, Public Choice

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