Copyright 1999 by Julia S. Levai, MD

    Congressmen and senators feel, or say they feel, they have to support our President.

    For two months now we have been brainwashed by watching them on  television saying that we are the unselfish protectors of the 2,000 allegedly killed armed guerillas in Kosovo who had decided to take arms against their government and the status quo. We as the only superpower of the world (how long will it last?) felt that we were called to act on their behalf. ( Evidently, we weighted all the problems of the world and decided that there was no other issue that could compete with this one in importance.)

    I am not a statesman, so let me say it: The Emperor has no clothes!

    Our leading diplomat has been fueling a war instead of practicing the skills of diplomats to settle issues between antagonistic parties in a foreign country. Nobody calls it a failure of diplomacy or a war driven by an emotional passion and one-sidedness of a female. ( By that,  I am not saying that I am proud of the behavior of our male politicians, either). Because she represents the superpower, eighteen European countries agree with her.

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    Unfortunately, she is no Margaret Thatcher. Just because she is a female it should not be taboo to declare that it is her failure not to deliver a diplomatic solution.Why did not she asked the Russians to mediate before bombing? Why did not we try an embargo first? Why did not we encircled Yugoslavia with our troops first? All would have been more humane than destroying a country which did not attack anybody beyond its borders. Just because her Washington friends will publish a book about her greatness, history will not be so nice to her!

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    When the US and NATO destroy a country systematically because we don't like its leader's internal policies, it does not mean we are the good guys. When the NATO spokesman declares the destruction of all bridges in Yugoslavia with a broad and captivating smile, it is not something to smile about. Not for us and not for the world.

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    The US military did not enhance its image by trying its smart bombs. Smart bombs are only as smart as the data fed into them.The military is demonstrating American sloppiness. The Chinese have already learned it! Keep continuing this war for a long time, and the whole world will learn it, too!

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    I never understood how  the Russian people could hail Stalin, love him, worship him, even when their own fathers disappeared as "enemies of the people" or "British spies."  I am starting now to see that the Russian people's mind is not so different from ours in America. I have a fear that it is even easier to manipulate the people here. After all, nobody is put into jail or getting killed here in the US ( like that time in the USSR ) for telling the truth. We are silent because we don't want to take  risks on our careers. To stick together in a lie is more appealing for many than to expose themselves to retaliation from the ones who have power. Courage is a scarce commodity today in America.