Resources for Preparing to do a Dissertation

Marti Lindsey
These are available at the University of Arizona Library
  • Ernst, M. O. M. (1981). A guide through the dissertation process. Lewinston, New York, The Edwin Mellen Press.
    Out of date as to some of the process - suggests the idea of the journal/Diary, defines terms, and suggests methods of organization (while out of date as to some logistical methods - did propel me toward organization of my own)
  • Gardner, D. C. and G. J. Beatty (1980). Dissertation proposal guidebook; how to prepare a research proposal and get it accepted. Springfield,
    Illinois, Charles C Thomas, Publisher.
    Although this book is old it is still sold on with high marks. I find it very readable and it de-mystifies the dissertation process
  • Glatthorn, A. A. (1998). Writing the winning dissertation, a step-by-step guide. Thousand Oaks, California, Corwin Press, Inc.
    This is a fairly current book which does what the title implies - it breaks the steps down into manageable bits. This book was one of the two that made me stop reading and begin to plan out the steps I will take.
  • Madsen, D. (1983). Successful dissertations and theses; a guide to graduate student research from proposal to completion. San Francisco,
    Jossey-Bass Publishers. This book has some good writing hints as well as some information organization tips.
  • Sternberg, D. (1981). How to complete and survive a doctoral dissertation. St. Martin’s Press, New York. Useful to become organized mentally
    and physically. Discusses the mental tests of the dissertation and who and why some ABDs do not complete the dissertation phase.
  • Thomas, R. M. a. D. L. B. (2000). Theses and dissertations; a guide to planning, research, and writing. Westport, Connecticut, Bergin & Garvey.
    A complete guide to the dissertation process, with many useful checklists to keep the researcher organized. It has useful subsections to help think and write and interact with others through each stage of the process. Appendix has an outline of a dissertation proposal.