Melanie Lenart, Ph.D.
University of Arizona
Environmental scientist and writer


UA News


Corals lock El Niño history in radiocarbon
October 22, 2001

Forests around the globe follow same biological ‘scaling’ laws, UA ecologist reports in April 5 Nature
April 5, 2001

Climate change threatens unique species “hotspots,” UA climate expert says
November 16, 2000


Endangered coral records changing frequency of El Niño events, UA geoscientists discover
October 25, 2000

Plan fires timed to La Niña or El Niño, UA scientist urges
October 2, 2000

Species protection must include ‘reconciliation,’ says UA ecologist
September 25, 2000

UA geoscientist uses coral as “skeleton key” to past climates
February 4, 2000


Ancient rodent middens record past tropical rain in ‘absolute’ desert
January 6, 2000

Life flourished when Earth was warmer, scientist says
October 14, 1998

Straight from the mouths of grazers – Grasses signal drop in global CO2 at 7 million years ago
October 1, 1997

Greenhouse gases warm global climate as policy is debated
September 11, 1997

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