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TRT Spring 2004

‘Medieval Warm Period’ pales by modern standards

Making Fire History: Paleofire database puts fire-scar and charcoal data on line

TRT Summer 2003

Meko uses tree rings to solve monsoon mystery

Towner launches beam expedition

TRT Fall 2002

Hirschboeck focuses on synoptic dendroclimatology

Archive space expanding for “national treasure”

TRT Spring 2002

International visitors enrich LTRR environment

Paleofire researchers gather for Tucson meeting


TRT Fall 2001

‘Great house’ spruce and firs born on distant mountain tops
Professor Jeffrey Dean’s research with others on dating and tracing the source of wood used in ancient Chaco Canyon sites once inhabited by ancestors of the Pueblo Indian

Tree rings tell of climate in Turkey, Jordan

TRT Spring 2001

LTRR work helps convince panel that world is warming up


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