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C-SPAN Interview: Climate Change Panel with Melanie Lenart

Melanie Lenart discussed her recent book, Life in the Hothouse: How A Living Planet Survives Climate Change, at the Tucson Festival of Bookson March 12 as part of a panel called Hot Times: Can Nature Survive Us? Other panelists were Laura Lopez-Hoffman, author of Conservation of Shared Environments, and Mitch Tobin, author of Endangered. The authors talked about their findings and took questions from the audience.



Ecotopia on KZFR 90.1 Chico, CA. with Stephen and Susan Tchudi: May 2010

Groks Science Radio and Podcast with Charles C. Lee, Ph.D.,and Frank Ling, Ph.D:. May 2010

Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith: May 2010

Clean up Your Act with George Dorman: May 2010

Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith: April 2010

Progressive News Radio with Jim Swanson: April 2010

Issues Today with Bob Gourley: April 2010

Positive Living with Patricia Raskin: April 2010

Don Weeks Show: March 23 2010

Go Green Radio with Jill Buck: April 2010


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Interview with Bill Buckmaster, Arizona Illustrated
KUAT Arizona Public Media
April 20, 2010
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University of Arizona Press


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