Melanie Lenart, Ph.D.: Environmental Scientist and Writer

Courses and Workshops:
Turning Science into Stories

These courses and workshops feature tips on writing and reporting, finding credible sources and resources, and other advice for bringing environmental issues home to the reader. Interactive sessions involving the class as a whole and smaller breakout groups round out the learning experience.

Translating Environmental Science
Spring semesters. University of Arizona Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science (SWES 415/515, 3 credits).
Scientists speak a different language, a dialect filled with abstract symbolism, hypotheses and references to Latin and Greek. In this course, students learn journalism techniques to translate environmental science topics into language a layperson could appreciate. More on this

Writing Environmental Stories
Weekend workshop. Environmental stories range from describing eco-friendly homes to showing how global warming is changing the local desert. Science powers these stories, but shouldn’t overpower them. 

Making numbers work for you
A one-day workshop designed for writers and scientists who want to interpret and transform dry scientific statistics into numbers and concepts that resonate with a general reader. Handouts will help practitioners bring the concepts home. 

Writing Perspectives and Op-eds
One-day workshop on writing short opinion pieces suitable for newspapers, magazines or blogs.  

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Courses and Workshops


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