Miranda Joseph

Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies



I received my PhD in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University in 1995. Since then, I’ve been a faculty member in the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona (UA), where I teach seminars in feminist, Marxist, poststructuralist and queer theory and cultural studies as well as large introductory-level lecture courses in LGBTQ Studies. I have undertaken many administrative and faculty leadership roles at the University of Arizona, most recently serving as Director of Graduate Studies in Gender & Women’s Studies (2012-2015). During my first decade at the UA, I was centrally involved in the development and leadership of what is now the Institute for LGBT Studies. And I have longterm commitments to the Cultural Studies Association and the American Studies Association.

In my scholarship, I use the tools of cultural studies to explore the relationship between economic processes and social formations. My recent book, Debt to Society: Accounting for Life Under Capitalism (2014), explores various modes of accounting (financial, juridical and managerial) as they are deployed to create, sustain and transform social relations. My first book, Against the Romance of Community (2002), examines the supplementary relation of community with capitalism in the context of political debates over LGBT art and culture and the discourses and practices of NGOs.