The University of Arizona
Millennium Project
Enhancing Campus Climate for Academic Excellence

A joint project of the Association for Women Faculty and the Commission on the Status of Women sponsored by President Peter Likins, the Vice-Presidents, and Deans

Report in Detail
(Each section in Adobe PDF PDF icon format)

  • Table of Contents, Introduction & Methodology
  • Findings: Quantitative Data
  • Findings: Qualitative Data
    Supports of Faculty Work Life
             * Impediments to Faculty Success
    (Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4)
             * Differences Across Groups
  • Faculty Suggestions for Change
  • Action Agenda for a New Millennium & References
  • Appendices
    A: Steering Committee; National Advisory Board;
                           Community Advisory Board; Campus Advisory Board
                   B: Generating Respect for All in a Climate of academic Excellence
                           (GRACE) Project Summary of Results and Preliminary Solutions
                   C: List of Focus Groups; Focus Group Dates; Focus Codebook;
                           Discussion Group Schedule

             * D-E
    D: Letters from President Peter Likins; Millennium Project Letters
                       E: Protocols

             * F-G
    F: Demographic Surveys
                       G: Responses from Focus Group and Discussion Group Participants

             * H
    : (Part 1    Part 2    Part 3)
                       Includes HERI; Normative Comparison; Respondents by Type;
                       Methodology: Precision; Survey Instrument

             * I
    : HERI Tables

              For reference purposes, please cite this report as:
                    Cress, C. (2001). The Millennium Project: Report in Detail. Tucson, AZ:
                    University of Arizona, Office of the President.

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