Young Lymphologist Research

Research Opportunities

  1. Travel/Visit Grants for a Young Lymphologist to perform collaborative work/learn new techniques in another ISL Mentors laboratory.

    Amount: Maximum for travel and lodging is $1,000 USD. The ISL host is expected to contribute to the lodging/per diem expenses as well as supplying research materials and supplies.

  2. Research Projects for a Young Lymphologist to undertake specific research projects in a laboratory of an ISL Mentor. These lymphatic systems investigations should focus on new areas/research approaches to the Young Lymphologist and can be clinical or basic in nature.

    Amount: $500-1,000 USD depending on project budget submission and approval. The ISL host is also expected to contribute to the research project.

These opportunities will be limited to 1-2 travel and 1-2 research grants per two year ICL cycle. Individual investigators will be limited to one grant every four years although successful completion of a project with report/presentation in a main ICL session could accelerate an additional award.


  1. The ISL mentor/host must be in good standing in the ISL, be published widely with a particular interest in the lymphatic system, and have time and effort available to instruct the Young Lymphologist.
  2. The Young Lymphologist must also be in good standing with at least a small record of publishing/research concerning the lymphatic system and related pathology.
  3. The results of the collaboration should be presented at the following ICL as a paper or poster (alternatively to the Young Lymphologist group if insufficient data has been obtained for main session presentation).
  4. A written report detailing activities and results must be submitted to the ISL Executive Council for review. Although a minimum of 5 pages is suggested, the report should be in enough detail for the Committee to review educational activities, collaboration results, future plans, and financial accounting of funding.

Submission Process

The proposal can be submitted in the format of your choice. The proposal at a minimum should include:

The proposal is to be submitted electronically to one of the Young Lymphologist World representatives for review. After an initial review, he/she will forward the proposal to a group of Young Lymphologist and an independent researcher in the specific area of Lymphology. If reviewed favorably, the proposal will be presented to the ISL Executive Committee at either an ICL or at an ISL interim meeting for final approval. Proposals which have not been accepted for funding can be revised and resubmitted.

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