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Articles / Latest Videos

Las estructuras circulares del quiasmo y antimetábole

in Divergencias • Invierno 2011

This article explores the similarity and differences between a chiasm and antimetbole as well as there uses in literature.

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Golden Age Theater Performance

in Divergencias • Summer 2009

This was my first publication as a graduate student. It discusses the use of stage machinery and musical instruments to enhance the comedia performance.

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DSPFF Promotional 2012

In order to promote the festival, and to get students involved, the DSPFF Committee came together to make their own video. Myself and fellow director Guillermo Martínez-Sotelo provide the necessary info...

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HW2013 Promotional

on COH YouTube by COH External Affairs • Fall 2013

This was a promotional video that I worked on for the 2013 Humanities Week with the College of Humanities.

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CV / Featured Project


DSP Film Festival / an Undergraduate Festival

The DSP Film Festival is an undergraduate film festival where students from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese create films using the language skills learned in class. This festival offers a creative medium for language learning as well as provides an opportunity for group work and prizes for the victors.

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Curriculum Vitae

My CV covers my entire academic career. All of my publications, presentations, awards and service can be seen on the site or downloaded in PDF format.

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UofA Tube Turning Language Students into New Film Makers! This is a presentation given by myself and colleague at Humanities Week 2013

En las Hojas Student Film Project! This was a class film project that I wrote, ran camera, and edited. It was presented at the 22nd Symposium on Hispanic and Luso‐Brazilian Literature, Language and Culture (Spring 2012)