Miller McPherson

University of Arizona, Department of Sociology

Contact Information

Professor Miller McPherson
Dept. of Sociology
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

Recent Courses

Soc 527: Social Networks

    From Lecture Notes, Social Network Analysis, 1990: Some Outrageous Propositions for Sociologists

Soc 596: Event History Analysis

Recent Publications

Gender, Children, and Social Contact: The Effects of Childrearing for Men and Women.
Munch, Allison; McPherson, J. Miller; Smith-Lovin, Lynn.  American Sociological Review, 1997.

Competition and Commitment in Voluntary Memberships: The Paradox of Persistence and Participation.
Cress, Daniel M.; McPherson, J. Miller; Rotolo, Thomas. Sociological Perspectives, 1997.

Testing a Dynamic Model of Social Composition: Diversity and Change in Voluntary Groups.
McPherson, J. Miller; Rotolo, Thomas.  American Sociological Review, 1996.

On the Edge or In Between: Niche Position, Niche Overlap, and the Duration of Voluntary Association Memberships.
Popielarz, Pamela A., McPherson, J. Miller.  American Journal of Sociology, 1995

Sex and Race Homogeneity in Naturally Occurring Groups.
Mayhew, Bruce H., McPherson, J. Miller, Rotolo, Thomas, Smith-Lovin, Lynn.  Social Forces, 1995

Measuring the Composition of Voluntary Groups: A Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis.
McPherson, J. Miller, Rotolo, Thomas.  Social Forces, 1995.

Social Networks and Organizational Dynamics.
McPherson, J. Miller; Popielarz, Pamela A.; Drobnic, Sonja. American Sociological Review, 1992.

Evolution on a Dancing Landscape: Organizations and Networks in Dynamic Blau Space.
McPherson, J. Miller; Ranger-Moore, James R.  Social Forces. 1991