Melody Buckner
Graduate Student
Univeristy of Arizona
LRC 560
Multimedia Literacy

Dr. David Betts

Course Description

Course Description


This course will examine theoretical bases for instructional design, and explore several important multimedia production tools. We will create multimodal objects, integrating terxt, graphics, animation, sound and video for classroom use.  LRC 560 students will create computer-mediated interactive multimedia presentations for teaching and learning. A variety of multimedia  tools and Internet resources and research will be covered. National issues and developments in Learning Technologies will be discussed. The emphasis of this course will be on the uses of computer technology in the classroom.

This course will focus on:

  1. theoretical bases for instructional design
  2. research findings pertaining to the use and evaluation of multimedia and Internet uses and resources.
  3. analysis of effective uses of multimedia and the Internet in teacher professional development.
  4. development of an interactive multimedia presentation
  5. development of interactive multimedia web site for the classroom.
Students will:
  1. Read and discuss the textbook and related readings.
  2. Create and maintatin and interactive multimedia web site
  3. Participate in the class social computing medium.
  4. Create an interactive multimedia presentation as a group
  5. Create an independent interactive multimedia presentation
  6. Research and evaluate multimedia educational software and WWW resources. Maintain awareness of national issues in Learning Technologies
  7. Create an annotated bibliography of research articles on a related theme.
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