organic tea from the stash tea company

Ever since tea was first discovered some 4700 years ago, tea has become engrained in many world cultures. From Asia to Europe and most countries since, tea, like coffee is being grown, harvested, processed, shipped, and consumed throughout the world (Stash Tea 2006). Because tea is a large part of world trade and a major part of world culture, we can study tea in order to gain a better understand of the forces of globalization. Specifically, if we can gain a better picture of what it takes to bring tea from the hills of Sri Lanka to your local supermarket, we can paint a better picture of the interconnected world.

We can do this by studying the way that tea is being produced and consumed throughout the world in general, and we can also focus on a particular tea company that is a part of this global chain of connection. The Stash Tea company is a relatively large company that deals with the production and distribution of specialty teas throughout the world (primarily the US). By examining the way that this company does this and the various strategies that it employs we can gain a better understanding of how a company such as the Stash Tea Company contributes to globalization.

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