Chinese Foreign Language
Reading Strategies




Hi there! Welcome to my website. The purpose of this website is to promote reading strategy instruction in a Chinese foreign language context.

I just completed a study examining the strategies non-native learners of Chinese are using to while reading the short story Chabuduo Xiansheng. The results of my study show that intermediate and advanced readers are using predominately bottom-up level strategies while reading the short story. This included readers with good reading comprehension. This suggests that readers at all levels are not using native-like top-down level reading strategies. It is possible that learners are not aware of the range and types of strategies are available to them, or they simple do not know how to use top-down strategies affectively. I hope to do something about this.

The Taxonomy link on the navigation bar provides a list of reading strategies CFL learns used while reading Chabuduo Xiansheng.

The Bibliography pages will help you get a feel for research that has already been done in the field.

The Research page includes abstracts and papers that relate to CFL reading strategy instruction.

The Pedagogy page includes examples of how to manipulate common textbook activities, which typically focus on bottom-up strategies, and turn them into top-down activities. In the future I hope to include video clips of classroom strategy instruction.

Finally, the Links page includes links to pages on my personal website.


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