Lisa Patrick Bentley


Mailing address:

University of Arizona

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

P.O. Box 210088

1041 E. Lowell St.

Tucson, Arizona 85721 USA

Office phone:

(520) 626-3336



I am currently an NSF Post-doctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics. I am co-sponsored by Brian Enquist at the University of Arizona and Kiona Ogle at the University of Wyoming.  My research is organized around the concept of synthesizing diverse anatomical, architectural, and physiological plant data within the context of semi-mechanistic ecological models. Through integrating field data, literature data, and diverse modeling approaches my research aims to answer questions intersecting plant physiology, ecological dynamics and global change. More specifically, the primary goals of my research are to: (1) contribute to an enhanced understanding of mechanisms regulating carbon and water fluxes at the leaf, plant and ecosystem levels, (2) tease apart the impacts of environmental variability on ecophysiological processes, and (3) derive and evaluate broad scaling approaches for key physiological processes that are couched within the context of general principles influencing the evolution of plant form and function. My research approach addresses an increasing need for models that improve terrestrial scaling relationships and contribute to improved predictive power for estimating the regional and global carbon and water dynamics of woody plants and ecosystems dominated by woody plants. 


Research interests