Project ARTIST

Astronomy Related Teacher In-Service Training
(Last Updated 10/17/97)

"The sight of day and night, the months and returning years, the eqinoxes and solstices, has caused the invention of numbers, given us the notion of time, and made us inquire into the nature of the universe; thence we have derived philosophy, the greatest gift the gods have ever given or will give to mortals. This is what I call the greatest good our eyes give us." --Plato

Scientists from the University of Arizona and teachers from southern Arizona are collaborating on ways to make space science (astronomy and planetary science) accessible and interesting to children from diverse backgrounds at both elementary and middle school levels. Project ARTIST was a four-year program of workshop and materials development funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Teacher Enhancement program. ARTIST provided a four-week workshop for teachers of grades K--8 from schools throughout Arizona. The workshops stressed hands-on activities and experiments while providing instruction in spaces science content and concepts. It also encouraged the use of space science materials across the curriculum.

Project ARTIST seemed to work well because of the partnership approach. Research Scientists provided the content and concepts and the facilitators (as well as the participants) put the activities into the context of the classroom. Mutual respect by each component for the professionalism of every other component allowed everyone involved to learn from each other.


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