We receive as friendly that which agrees with, we resist with dislike that which opposes us; whereas the very reverse is required by every dictate of common sense.
Michael Faraday, Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics.


Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

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Book Chapter

  • Brandimarte, L. and Acquisti, A. (2012). “The Economics of Privacy.” In Peitz, M. and Waldfogel, J. (Eds.), The Handbook of the Digital Economy, Oxford University Press, New York.

Working Papers

  • “Does Government Surveillance Give Twitter the Chills,” with Uttara Ananthakrishnan, Edward McFowland III and Sriram Somanchi. In preparation for submission to Management Science.

  • “Fear of Losing Financial Information: Testing the Enhanced APCO Framework in the Context of Mobile Banking,” with Marco Terlizzi, Sue Brown, and Otavio Sanchez. In preparation for submission to Journal of Management Information Systems.

  • “Evolutionary Approaches to Privacy and Information Security,” with Alessandro Acquisti and Jeff Hancock. In preparation for submission to Nature.

  • “How do Downvotes Affect Online Platform Participation?” with Wei Chen, Yinchu Zhu and Dong Jing. In preparation for submission to Management Science.

Ongoing projects

  • Field Experiments to Increase Use of Face Coverings on UA Campus,” with Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh and Jennifer Savary.

  • “Pictographs, Ideograms, and Emojis (PIE): A Framework for Empirical Research Using Non-verbal Cues,” with Sandeep Suntwal and Sue Brown.

  • “Experiments in Social Engineering,” with Matthew Hashim and Jesse Bockstedt.

  • “TD-CHAIN: A System to Enhance Transparency in Data Flows,” with Wei Chen and David Sidi.

  • “New Frontiers of Piracy,” with Sriram Somanchi and Nelson Granados.

  • “Are Infrastructural Solutions to the Analog Keyhole Problem Worth the Cost?” with David Sidi.

  • “12 Inches of Privacy: Bridging the Gap Between Computational and Perceived Privacy Metrics,” with Bart Knijnenburg and Emilee Rader.