Russian Sites containing information on Slavic Studies, Cities, Politics, and Culture


    General Information on Russia

  1. Information about Russia and the FSU (from the University of Toronto)
  2.  Friends and Partners (from the UK)
  3. General Directory (serious plus less serious links)
  4. Little Russia in San Antonio, Texas (wonderful collection of general interest sites)
  5. Russian Area Studies Trails (from UNC-Greensboro and the same person who did the German-language Web Directory; some overlap with sites listed below but also contains additional links. Includes sections on Poland, Ukraine)
  6.  Social Science/Humanities Directory  (excellent selection of  contemporary and historical sites)
  7. Post-Soviet Study Resources (information and materials available through the Internet)

Professional Interest Pages and Russian Studies Programs

  1. AATSEEL Slavic home page (for teachers of Slavic languages plus links to other sites)
  2. Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics
  3. Other OCS Texts
  4. Russian Studies on the Web (an alia for Russian and Slavic Departments)
  5. Slavic Review (2 post-print issues)
  6. Basic Russian
  7. English-russian russian-english dictionary (interactive form)
  8. Computer mediated Rusian discourse data
  9. Study-abroad programs (general)
  10. Colleges in Russia
  11.  Study Programs Russia and East-Central Europe (from Friends and Partners)
  12. Russian Studies on the Web (by Roman Leibov)
  13. Center for Political and Strategic Studies (Bethesda, Maryland; reports and projects dealing with political issues)

  14. Russian News, Information, Texts, and Photos

  1. RussianStory News Index to many publications. Summaries free, details - pay
  2. Russian media (Norwegian site with annotated links)
  3. Russian Media Site (Russia)
  4. Daily Digest of Russian Media
  5. Newslinks from UNC (Complete annotated list)
  6. U. Wisconsin Russian news links. Includes annotated links to many local publications.
  7. San Francisco's Russian net news navigator (Very complete list)
  8. Info-Press (Russian-language information agency of America) PLUS e-mail addresses of Russian news outlets
  9. Russia and the FSU: Information, statistics, photos (some interesting political stuff)
  10. Russian Life (a monthly magazine of culture, history, travel)
  11. Russia On-Line: Culture and Art
  12. Russia-On-Line: News (Russian language sources for the OMRI Digest, Izvestiya, Ekspress khonika, Kommersant Daily, Finansovye izvesitiya and other daily newspapers)
  13. Federal News Service of Russia (Excellent source of news stories and photos)
  14. Moscow Kremlin On-line Excursion
  15. National News Service (Russian news agency based in Moscow)
  16. Soviet Archives: Entrance Room
  17. Current prices in Russia
  18. Literary texts from CompTek Inc.
  19. Maximov's Daily News Archive (from ITAR-TASS)
  20. RFE / RL Latest News Briefs
  21. OMRI Daily Digest
  22. Russia Today
  23. The Russian News Navigator
  24. The St. Petersburg Press
  25. Vladivostok News


  1. Russians in Alaska (a multimedia exhibit prepared by the Library of Congress)
  2. A Chronology of Russian History (from Bucknell University)
  3. An Illustrated History of Russia (from the University of Toronto)
  4. Russian Literature on the Net (from the University of Muenster, Germany)
  5. Russian Culture Pages (from the Association for International Education)
  6. The Slavic Review (one of America's leading professional journals of Russian and East European Studies, now available on-line)
  1. Moscow
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Russia Yellow Pages
  4. Victor Kamkin Books, Inc. (well-established bookstore specializing in Russian language publications/books on russia)
  5. Eastview Publications, Inc.
  6. Russia site of the day     (Great collection of stories/reports/events)
  7. LDPR (V. Zhirinovsky) (from the infamous political party; read Gould's interview with him)
  8. INFORIS Co.Ltd. (home page of Nizhny Novgorod; an ancient/modern city)
  9. Welcome to Ekskursii
  10. Russia bed & breakfast homestay
  11. Commercial Companies In Russia
  12. Institute for the Economy in Transition in Moscow (the "Gaidar Institute;" send an e-mail message to the former Russian Prime Minister)

  13. Elections

  14. 1996 Russia Elections

  15. Siberia: A place most of us will never visit.

  16. Cities
  17. Evenki (one of the indigenuous people of Siberia)
  18. Siberia
  19. Virtual Tour of Siberia in Summer