Muralidharan Research Group





Current Research
Research Project Funding Agency Duration
Mechanical strength of ZnS (PI) Raytheon/DARPA 08/11-06/13
Thermal rectification in nanostructured materials (PI) Raytheon 08/12-12/12
Mattressene: Theoretical and Experimental characterization of a 3-D nanostructured carbon lattice (PI) NSF 08/11-08/13
CAES: a critical component for renewable energy SFAz/DOE 01/09-12/12
Nanophononic crystals for thermal control Toyota 05/12-05/13
Primordial differentiation of the terrestrial planets (PI) NASA 08/11-08/13
Metallic thin films with tunable permittivity (PI) Canon 09/11-03/13
Halide and oxy-halide eutectic systems for high performance heat transfer fluids DOE 09/12-09/17
A binational research and education program aimed at the development of advanced materials France-USA PUF 08/11-08/14