This page includes all the handouts from the svr2 event. Click on the image to download the handout you would like to use. Please feel free to integrate these materials into your own teaching.

Thanks for your participation in the event.

Visualizing 102: Incorporating Visual Rhetorics in the FYC Classroom by Adrienne Crump and Elise Verzosa
Seeing Spatial Inequality, Arguing for Change: A 102 Class Plan by Crystal Fodrey

Visually Mapping Music in our Society by Anita Furtner

Going Public in English 102: Wikipedia as a Site for Rhetorical Analysis and Research Writing by Jennifer Haley

handout on wikipedia assignment

wikipedia brochure

brohcure on wikipedia installation

links to jennifer's powerpoints on analyzing and researching wikipedia:

analyzing wikipedia powerpoint

researching wikipedia powerpoint



Multi-Genre Research: Challenging the Boundaries of the Traditional Essay by Ashley J. Holmes

A Visual-Spatial Approach to Spontaneous Composing in First-Year Writing by Marissa M. Juárez
Thirdspacing the University: Performing Spatial and Visual Literacies by Londie Martin
An Experiment in Thought: Considering a Spatial Rhetorical Practice by Jenna Vinson

handout on strolling

handout on space & place

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