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Adrienne Crump is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English (RCTE) whose dissertation focuses on feminist rhetorical studies and the polemics of state-sanctioned marriage. She continues to expand her scholarship and pedagogy in visual and spatial rhetorics through developing teaching materials for students and writing instructors and encouraging students to compose visual and spatial rhetorical arguments and analyses of their own.

Crystal Fodrey is a doctoral candidate in the RCTE Program and Graduate Assistant in the Writing Center. She has a range of teaching experience from first-year composition to professional writing, and her primary scholarly interests are essayistic theory and pedagogy, stylistics, and institutional history. Fodrey has a forthcoming article, “Voice, Transformed: The Potentialities of Style Pedagogy in the Teaching of Creative Nonfiction," in the edited collection Style=Composition.

Anita Furnter is a PhD candidate in the University of Arizona's RCTE program. She has her MA in English, with a concentration in Composition and Rhetoric, from North Carolina State University. Her research interests include Writing Across the Curiculum (WAC) and internal organizational communication.

Jennifer Haley-Brown is a Doctoral Candidate in RCTE at the University of Arizona, where she has taught classes in first year composition, business writing, and new media. Jennifer’s research centers on public memory, digital rhetoric, and the rhetorics of space.

Ashley J. Holmes is a PhD candidate in RCTE. She is currently working on her dissertation: “Public Pedagogy: Writing Programs, Undergraduate Curricula, and the Civic Purposes of Higher Education,” a comparative study of the administration and public writing pedagogies among three writing programs. Holmes has a forthcoming article, “Lessons from the Past,” that will appear in the centennial anniversary special issue of English Journal.

Amy C. Kimme Hea is an Associate Professor in the RCTE Program and Interim Director of the Writing Program. Her research interests include spatial rhetoric, hypertext theory, computers and composition, and professional and technical writing theory and practice. Her 2009 collection Going Wireless: A Critical Exploration of Wireless and Mobile Technologies for Composition Teachers and Researchers was nominated for the Computers and Composition best book award, and she has published in a range of edited collections and journals in the field.

Marissa M. Juárez is a Doctoral Candidate in RCTE at the University of Arizona, where she teaches first-year and professional writing courses. Her dissertation explores the Afro-Brasilian art of capoeira as a bodily rhetoric in which physical movements, gestures, and facial expressions drive communicative performances between two or more practitioners.

Londie T. Martin is a PhD student, rhetorician, feminist, partner, and mom studying, writing, reading, and performing in Tucson, Arizona. As a Crossroads Collaborative scholar, her research interests are located at the intersection of youth, sexuality, health, and rights with a specific focus on geographies of queer youth sexualities.

Jenna Vinson is a doctoral candidate in the RCTE program at the University of Arizona. She teaches writing, rhetoric, and gender & women’s studies courses. Her research interests include the rhetorical construction of teen motherhood, feminist theories, and visual rhetoric.

Elise Verzosa is a doctoral candidate in RCTE at the University of Arizona where she teaches courses in first-year composition and professional writing. She is also the assistant editor of Rhetoric Review and is currently working on her dissertation which explores the role of visual argumentation in relation to contemporary representations about women in positions of power.