Research Interests

My research is focused on various syntactic topics within Chomskyan theoretical framework. I
have worked extensively on word order and scrambling, the interaction of the syntax and discourse
(focus and topic), the syntax, semantics and morphology of complex predicate constructions, and
complex DPs (including relative clauses), among some other topics. My current research
includes control constructions, ellipsis, and the syntax and semantics of complex predicates in
various Iranian languages.

Active Grants

PI, NSF grant: A descriptive and theoretical analysis of complex predicates in Iranian
Languages. Co PIs: Heidi Harley, Andrew Carnie. July 1, 2015-December 31, 2018.



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Journal Issue

Karimi, Simin, Guest Editor of a special issue on Complex Predicates for the Journal Lingua,

Book Contracts

Barss, Andrew, Andrew Carnie, Heidi Harley, and Simin Karimi (contracted). Introduction to
Minimalist Syntax. Oxford: Blackwell (contracted publication). (textbook)

Articles (2000-2015)

Karimi, Simin and Michael Brame (2012) 'A Generalization Concerning the
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Work in Progress

Book Proposal

Karimi, Simin Complex Predicates in Iranian Languages


Invited: Karimi, S. 'Persian Syntax.' To appear in Anousha Sedighi and Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi
(eds) Handbook of Iranian Linguistics, Oxford University Press.
Karimi, S. 'Marked and Unmarked Object: DP or NP?' Paper to be presented at the Societas
Linguistica Europaea, 2-5 September 2015, Leiden, Netherlands.
Karimi, S, Greg Key and Deniz Tat 'Contrast in Focus: Persian and Turkish focus
constructions,' under review.
Karimi, S, Ryan Smith 'The mystery of Persian --rÔ.' Submitted to a journal.
Sato, Yokuke and Simin Karimi 'Argument Ellipsis in Persian and Inhibitory ɸ-Agreement.'
Under review.
Karimi, S. and Y. Sato 'Arbitrary Control.' In progress.
Karimi, S. and Azita Taleghani 'Does passive exist in Persian?' In progress.
Karimi, S. and J. Punske DP versus NP and Scrambling: A reply to Boskovic, to be submitted
to a journal.

Invited Guest Editor

Karimi, Simin and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini. Parameters: What are they? Where are they?
For the journal Linguistic Analysis. Expected publication: Fall 2016.