Selected Publications


Ethics and Politics in Socrates’ Defense of Justice

Psychology and the Inculcation of Virtue in Plato’s Laws

The Powers of Plato’s Tripartite Psychology

Plato on Education and Art

Plato on the Attribution of Conative Attitudes

The Profession of Friendship: Callicles, Democratic Politics, and Rhetorical Education in Plato’s Gorgias

Distinction without a Difference? Plato on ‘Genos’ vs. ‘Race’

What’s the Good of Agreeing?: Homonoia in Platonic Politics

Speaking with the Same Voice as Reason: Personification in Plato’s Psychology

Imperfect Virtue

Social Justice and Happiness in the Republic: Plato’s Two Principles


Aristotle's Social and Political Philosophy

The Relationship Between Aristotle's Ethical and Political Discourses (NE x.9)

Other Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Virtue Ethics

Knowledge by Likeness in Empedocles

Aidôs in Epictetus

Moral Psychology

Situationism and Virtue Ethics on the Content of Our Character


The Soul's (After-)life

Explaining Evil in Plato, Euripides and Seneca