Jonathon Reinhardt
Assistant Professor
Director, English Language/Linguistics
Affiliate Faculty, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Courtesy Faculty, Linguistics

Department of English
University of Arizona
1423 E. University Blvd. rm. 445
Tucson, Arizona 85721 USA

office: Modern Languages Building rm. 473
phone: 520-621-1836

Welcome to my homepage. I'm an Assistant Professor at U of A, Director of the English Language/Linguistics program, and affiliate faculty in the Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching interdisciplinary program. My B.A. is in German from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, my M.A. is in Applied Linguistics from University of Illinois at Chicago, and my Ph.D. is in Applied Linguistics from Penn State. My research is in applied linguistics and second/foreign language (L2) education, especially technology-mediated L2 learning and teaching. My background is in teaching English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL)--I've taught all ages at a Japanese language conversation school, adults in American Intensive English programs, students at a bilingual Japanese college, and ESL composition students at an American university. I speak German, some Japanese, and a little French, although I do research on L2 pedagogy in other languages, too.

Curriculum Vitae (December 2012)


My primary area of research is technology in L2 education, specifically digital gaming, digital literacies, social networking, and technology-mediated interaction. Here's a bibliography on technology in L2 education, including journals, introductory articles, theoretical and practical texts with reviews, and online resources on the field. I've also put together a collection of Web 2.0 and CMC resources for TELL. Every year I teach a course on these topics, English/SLAT 589: Internet Technologies in Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.

  • My secondary area of research is corpus linguistics and second/foreign language education, especially corpus-informed curriculum design and language for specific purposes. This recent invited article on the potential of corpus-informed pedagogy offers a summary of the field. Most recently I have an article in press that applies a multidimensional genre analysis to office hours consultations and introduces a new model for understanding interactional politeness and power negotiation. My work in the area stems from my dissertation, which has resulted in several articles in this area. In this article on directives usage by ITAs, I present my main dissertation findings, that ITAs in training, as a group, make less use of choice and involvement appeals in directives than do experts. Analysis of individual usage shows evidence of pragmatic development. In this co-authored article on a corpus-informed unit based on sociocultural theoretical principles, based on my dissertation, we present the unit of instruction I developed to teach directives use to International Teaching Assistants (ITAs).

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    * Please note that I cannot offer the full version of recent articles (up to 2 years old) on this website because of copyright restrictions. If you would like the full version of a recent publication, but cannot secure it through a library or other means, please contact me directly and I'll be happy to send it to you.