Fistful of Fury - MNK Brown Belt

In the world of Vana'Diel, like the real one, you'll find that to raise in stature you must pass many tests.  These tests are to prove your strength, your intelligence, your ability to master your job, and in this case: your ability to camp NMs.  Monks have a series of belts that they can wear as they progressively level in the game.

White Belt
Lv. 1
  • Strength +1
Purple Belt
Lv. 18
  • Strength +3
  • Haste +4%
Brown Belt
Lv. 40
  • Strength +5
  • Haste +8%
Black Belt
Lv. 70
  • Strength +7
  • Haste +12%
  • Subtle Blow +5
  • Physical damage taken -5%

If you start the game as a MNK, you are born (created) with the White Belt.  The Purple Belt is obtained through the quest 'Silence of the Rams' and requires you to kill two NM Rams.  One is found in Konschtat Highlands and the other in La Theine Plateau.  The quest for the Purple Belt is a prerequisite for this quest and therefore must be completed before Vola will give it to you.  This brings me to the next subject, How do you get it?

Starting NPC:  Vola
Location:  Tenshodo: Lower Jeuno  [J-8]

Before you can start the MNK belt quests you must have access to the Tenshodo in Lower Jeuno.  This requires completing the Tenshodo Membership quest.   I'll just assume you've done this already.  When you talk to Vola he states that to prove your worth and receive the Brown Belt, you must kill three NMs and bring a body part back from each one.  The Line-up:  Morbolger, Deadly Dodo, and Nue.  Accept the quest and we will begin our adventure!

Morbolger:    The giant-size mutant Malboro!
Level.  42 - 44
Zone:  Ordelle's Caves
Located:  Map 3 - H-20
Respawn Time:  21 to 24 hours
Drop:  Morbolger Vine

   I begin with this NM because he sets the bar for what will be expected of you from this quest.  After killing Morbolger, the other NMs will come to you easily.  This NM will probably make you cry.  This is due to the 21-24 hour nature of his spawn.
   Unlike other NMs, Morbolger spawns every day no matter what.  He's not a lottery spawn and there are no placeholder mobs.  It's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Thus it is incredibly important to get what everyone refers to as T.O.D. (Time Of Death).  Without this you'll be waiting around wasting your time.  My answer to this problem was to go to the spawn location and leave myself logged in...all day.  You put on chat filters to remove actions done by or done to 'others'.  This will clear your log of unnecessary information.  All you need to see is what mobs are defeated.  Unfortunately there are no timestamps.  This means you will need to check your logs as often as you can and use pure deduction.
   So I headed down to the spawn location, left myself logged in and went to bed.  Luckily I woke-up around 6:30am and saw a camper.  He was killing all of the mobs and opening the area for Morbolger's spawn.  I shrugged it off and went back to bed.  At 8:30am I got up for work and found that the camper had killed the NM.  Now I had my TOD.  The trick was to be there when it happened the next morning.  The guides I've read all say the respawn time is 21-24 hours after TOD, but after my time with this mob I'm doubting it.  I woke-up the next morning at 3:30am (21 hours after the earliest possible TOD) and began my hunt.  3 1/2 hours later he spawned behind me.  Therefore it almost seems like his spawn is exactly 24 hours from his TOD.  I didn't go back the next morning to test my theory though.

Reminder:  The necessary drops from all three of the NMs in this quest are not 100%.  So remember to always take a Thief with you.  Treasure Hunter is your friend...I happened to have TH3 and got all three drops on the first kill.

Ordelle's Map 3

Deadly Dodo:    The rarely seen dodo bird!
Level.  39 - 40
Zone:  Sauromugue Champaign
Located:  I-6 and K-6
Respawn Time:  1 hour
Drop:  Dodo Skin

   The Deadly Dodo is the epitome of normal NM camping.  So head to your mog and change your subjob to Ranger.  It doesn't matter if it's only level 1.  The goal here is to have Widescan.  Once you're done, head out to the NorthEast corner of Sauromugue Champaign.
     Get off your chocobo between I-6 and K-6.  Bring up your Widescan.  At the top of the list you should see three of the placeholders: Taber Beaks.  They will be just above the Goblins in your list during the day.  At night a group of Bats will appear between your placeholders and the Goblins.  The trick to NM camping is to kill all of the placeholders, wait for 'all' of them to respawn, then begin killing again.  Taber Beaks respawn roughly 5 minutes after they are killed.
     After about 1 hour of camping the placeholders my Deadly Dodo appeared right behind me.  I literally turned around and ran face-first into the guy.  This should be your easiest NM.  Good luck!
Deadly Dodo

Sauromugue Champaign

Nue:    The legendary beast!
Level.  41 - 42
Zone:  Beaucedine Glacier
Located:  F-7
Respawn Time:  2 to 4 hours
Drop:  Nue Fang

   Last, but not least, is Nue.  He spawns in the small area at F-7 by the first entrance to Pso'Xja.  Nue is a lottery spawn from one of the two Tundra Tigers around the tower.  Once you get there you will also see a Goblin Trader with a Goblin's Tiger.  This tiger is not a placeholder.  Also, one of the Tundra Tigers rotates spawns with one of the Living Statues in the tower.  If there are two tigers when you arrive, kill both until non-placeholder turns into the second Living Statue.  At this point only one Tundra Tiger will continue to spawn.  This is your mark.
     Since this is a really small area you will have no need for Widescan.  The placeholders respawn every 5 minutes so just keep a timer and run around the tower again.  My greatest qualm about this NM was the number of campers.  When the time came, though, I was alone.  When I first got there there was a poor THF camper who was 0/18.  When Nue spawned I let him have it.  Thankfully this was his lucky day and he ended his quest 1/19.
     The greastest advice I could offer to anyone about NM camping is to be respectful of other campers.  Understand that with RMTs less and less in the way, you're probably up against a normal player like yourself.  Plus they have probably been sitting there camping placeholders for a few hours already.  In my honest opinion they completely deserve the next spawn.  To run up and steal it the minute you arrive is rude.  If you want the drop, put in the effort.  Remember that this is just a game and we can all have fun if we relax and enjoy the hunt!

Beaucedine Glacier