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At this time I am only interested in trading for ponies or items on my want list.

My want list is arranged according to the country in which the pony was released, starting with the US. US ponies are organized into the year they were released and then into the set they were released in.

Argentinian Ponies & Brazilian Ponies

Argentinian Pony
Any Alitas (Summer Wing/Windy Wing variants)
Corazon (Paseo Heartthrob)
Brazilian Pony
All Brillitos

Grecian Ponies

Grecian Pony
Baby Adara
Morning Star

UK Ponies and US Mail Order Ponies

UK Pony Type
Baby Night Song (orange starlight baby) Starlight Baby Pony
Love-in-a-Mist Romance Pony
Love Letter Romance Pony
Sweetheart 7 Characters (My Little Pony Tales) Pony
Baby Sunbright Family Friends & Family Babies Pony
Daddy Sunbright Famiy Friends & Family Babies Pony
Mummy Sunbright Family Friends & Family Babies Pony
Mail Order Pony Type
Baby Sugarcake Baby Birthday Ponies
Goldilocks Goldilocks
Dabble w/green streaks Pretty Many Pony
Napper Sparkle Pony
Star Dancer Sparkle Pony
Star Hopper Sparkle Pony
Twinkler Sparkle Pony

US Ponies

US Pony Year Type
Confetti 3 Rainbow Pony
Flutterby 3 Rainbow Pony
Starflower 3 Rainbow Pony
Peach Blossom 4
Flutter Pony
Galaxy 4 Twinkle-Eye Pony
Sweet Pop 4 Twinkle-Eye Pony
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe 5 First Tooth Baby Pony
Wind Drifter 5 Flutter Pony
Princess Serena 5 Princess Pony
Princess Starburst 5 Princess Pony
Princess Tiffany 5 Princess Pony
Locket 5 Twinkle-Eye Pony
Quackers 5 Twinkle-Eye Pony
Tic-Tac-Toe 5 Twinkle-Eye Pony
Milky Way 5 Twice as Fancy Pony
Bangles 5 So Soft Pony
Sandcastle 6 Newborn Twin Pony
Princess Dawn 6 Princess Pony
Princess Misty 6 Princess Pony
Princess Moondust 6 Princess Pony
Princess Pristina 6 Princess Pony
Princess Sunbeam's accessories 6 Princess Pony
Princess Taffetta 6 Princess Pony
Nightglider 6 Twice as Fancy
Sugar Apple 7 Candy Cane Pony
Skylark 7 Princess Brush 'n Grow Pony
Starry Wings 7 Windy Wing Pony
Whirly 7 Windy Wing Pony
Bright Night 8 Glittery Sweetheart Sister Pony
Starflash 8 Glittery Sweetheart Sister Pony
Sunblossom 8 Glittery Sweetheart Sister Pony
Twinkler 8 Glittery Sweetheart Sister
Pony Bride (dove and two tings symbol) 8 Bride Pony
Cha Cha 8 Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Pony
Sweet Sundrop 8 Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Pony
Pina Colada 8 Tropical Pony
Baby Starbow 9 Baby Rainbow Pony
Dazzle Glow (version 1) 9 Glow 'n Show Pony
Happy Glow 9 Glow 'n Show Pony
Half Note 9 Rockin' Beat Pony
Baby Palm Tree 10 Paradise Baby Pony
Baby Pineapple 10 Paradise Baby Pony
Sunsplasher 10 Sundazzle Pony

1997 Ponies & 2003 Ponies

Copper Glow
Diamond Glow
Gold Glow
Night Star
Princess Sapphire
Princess Silver Rain
Princess Silver Swirl
Princess Twinkle Star
Silver Glow
Beautiful Blooms Shop
Sweet Summer
Winter Snow


Swan Lake Ken
Swan Lake Theresa
Swan Lake Barbie horse (Lila?) and carriage
Angelpuss Charm Bracelet
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