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This page is dedicated to the customs that I have made, listed in the order they were finished, starting with the most recently finished customs.

I do accept commission custom orders, but I am NOT accepting commission requests at this time due to a lack of time. The only customs I will be working on in the next few months are orders that have already been taken. However, I will probably start accepting orders again in December.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to being crunched, some of the ponies may appear to be blotchy, but they are not in real life.

CUSTOMS IN PROGRESS (TEMPORARY HOLD): Baby Emerald, Dr. Deer, Mac, Wishful Jubilee, Wysteria
violet star shine display
violet star shine non-display

Violet Star Shine was made as a gift for Violet Star Shine from the MLPTP. If VSS were a pony, this is how I believe she would look. Violet Star Shine is a flutter pony with an amethyst colored body and silver colored hair sprinkled generously with sparkly purple, lavendar, and silver tinsel. Her symbol is a white 3-D star with a zig zag trail of five tiny white rhinestones that extends about half way down her leg. She also has a white 3-D star on her forehead. Her wings are outlined with circular rhinestones of pale pink, magenta, purple, and lavendar in an alternating pattern. Each wing also has two white stars, one at the top of the wing and one at the bottom. The pattern is repeated on both sides of the wings. Violet Star Shine comes with a bottle of "utter flutter" and a homemade fairy wand.

Violet Star Shine was repainted, given a new symbol, had her eyes redone, was rehaired, and sports my signature rhinestone in each eye. Her wings were bought at a craft store and then the desgin was glued onto them. The potion bottle was bought in a craft store and then filled. The fairy wand was made by hand by me.

Violet Star Shine is owned by Violet Star Shine on the MLPTP.

celestial family display
celestial family non-display

The Celestial Family is composed of a mother (Comet) and her set of twins (Shooting Star and Moonshine). Shooting Star and Moonshine were made in a manner meant to compliment each other. Both babies have black bodies, like their mother. Shooting Star has light blue hair with a light purple streak in her mane, whereas Moonshine has the exact opposite. Shooting Star has a 3-D white star as her symbol with five glow-in-the-dark lines branching out from it. Moonshine, on the other hand, has a 3-D moon with the glow-in-the-dark lines as her symbol. Each has their symbol on their foreheads as well. Comet is meant to look like a combination of both babies with light blue and light purple streaks in her mane and tail and with a large purple 3-D star with a trailing glow-in-the-dark tail shooting over a large 3-D blue moon. Her symbol is also on her forehead. All three ponies have glow-in-the-dark tinsel sprinkled throughout their hair. The comet trail, star and moon lines, and their horns are all coated with a glittery glow-in-the-dark paint. Due to their black bodies, their eyeliner was done in silver instead of black and a glitter paint was used for their blush.

Every member of the Celestial Family has been repainted, given new symbols, had their eyes redone, and were rehaired. All three of them also sport my signature rhinestone.

seaside display
seaside nd

Mommy Seaside was made to be the mother to the UK Seaside Babies. She has Baby Splash's body and eye colors, Baby Splish's hair color, and Baby Splosh's symbol. The white streak in her mane does not change color in water unfortunately.

Mommy Seaside was repainted, given a new symbol, had her eyes redone, and was rehaired. She sports my signature tiny rhinestone over the white dot of reflection in each eye.

Mommy Seaside was made for Mlponique's 2003 Summer custom exchange.

liberty display
liberty nd

Liberty was done as a tribute to the USA after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. She was made for the Fourth of July celebration in 2003, but unfortunately was not finished in time to celebrate the fourth with her pony friends. She is modeled after the American flag and sports 13 red and white stripes in her mane and 50 hand-painted white stars all over her head and body.

Liberty was repainted, given new symbols (50 hand painted white stars), had her eyes redone (pale blue with a touch of red, similiar to how the 2003 ponies have multiples colors in their eyes), and rehaired with red, white, and blue. Her mane was rehaired into 13 alternating red and white stripes with matching red and white tinsel, respectively. Her tail is composed of red, white, and blue hair and red, white, and blue tinsel all mixed together. Each eye has a tiny white rhinestone over the white dot of reflection, my signature.

Liberty was made for Mlponique's 2003 Summer custom exchange.

blaze display

Blaze is a very special unicorn that was made for a very special little girl named Valerie. When I first received Blaze, she was very beat up and very sad. She has always had one dream in life (to help people), but has never quite been able to figure out how. As I was giving Blaze her beautiful new look, I told her about Valerie's fear of wind and asked if she knew how to help cure her. Blaze thought for a minute and then told me to get a small vial and bring it to her. When I gave her the vial, she quickly filled it with a fine, sparkling pink dust and then explained how this would help. The dust she had put in the vial, known as unicorn dust, only comes from the horn of special unicorns and has the power to help protect the person who owns the dust as long as they believe and as long as they have the unicorn dust.

Blaze was repainted, given new symbols, and rehaired with red, orange, and yellow hair. Each hair color has matching tinsel sprinkled throughout it's matching color's section. The original eyes of the bait were used. My signature tiny rhinestone was placed at the corner of each eye, instead of one the white dot of reflection of each eye. Also, Blaze is NOT shiny in real life. The flash of the camera reflected off of the sealant I used and made her appear shiny.

Blaze is owned by Valerie.


Lady Phoenix Fire was the second custom I ever made and was the first custom where I "let the brush decide" how she was going to turn out. When I started her, I had no clue what I wanted to make her or what direction she would end up in so I just started painting and let my creativity lead the way. I really love how she turned out and became very attached to her in the process of creating her.

Lady Phoenix Fire was repainted, given a new design, had her eyes redone, and was rehaired with red, orange, and yellow hair. I bought her wings at a craft store and then painted them how I wanted them to look. I also adjusted the frame of the wings to make her look more "butterfly like". She has my signature rhinestone over the white dot of reflection in each eye. She was sealed all over with a glitter sealant so she has a light sparkle to her.

Lady Phoenix Fire is owned by OneLeo1 from the MLPTP.


Angel was the first custom I ever made. During the making of this girl I learned numerous tricks of the trade, including rehairing. I can honestly say that the finished product looks absolutely nothing like what I had originally envisioned, but I like her better how she turned out. Originally Angel was supposed to be a white pony with light pink clouds sponged all over her body and they the word "Angel" was going to be written on her rump in glittery blue script with one wing on each side of the word and a halo over the word. As you can see from the picture, the vision I had as she progressed ended up being very different.

Angel was repainted, given new symbols, had her eyes redone, and was rehaired using white, curly doll's hair. Angel has my signature tiny rhinestone ove the white dot of reflection in each eye. Her wings were bought in a craft store and glued on. (They're white even though part of them appear beige in the pictures.) Her halo was bought in a craft store and painted with a clear glitter sealant. Her halo was then wired on with silver wire.

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