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This page contains links to some of the best MLP and non-MLP related websites that I have found. Under each link is a summary of what the site contains.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL images which were used throughout my site are used with permission. All images which were used, are identified on this page under the link to the site from which they came.

My Little Pony Webboard Links

The links in this section are to MLP webboards. Please use appropriate netiquette and read forum rules before posting.

My Little Pony and The Land of Lost 80's Toys is a fairly new webboard that was created by my friend Tikibirds, who also posts on the MLPTP.

The LT board is a great place to post for those who love MLP and other 80's toys (as well as Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings) to buy, sell, trade and discuss their obsessions.

The My Little Pony Trading Post was created in 1996 as a place where MLP collectors could come together to buy, sell, and trade MLPs. Over the years it has grown into the largest MLP board on the internet...and it's still growing.

Now it's not just a great place to buy, sell, or trade MLPs, but also to discuss MLPs, customs, and anything else you can think up...within reason seeing as how it's a G-rated board.

My Little Pony Website Links

Aikarin is one of my favorite customizers and one of my favorite people on the MLPTP. Her customs are amazing to look at and are expertly done.

She has a number of gorgeous customs, a mini customizing tutorial, and a number of pony care tips on her site.

Customtopia is the best place to go for all things custom. This site was designed for the "hard core" MLP customizer.

This site includes tutorials on dying ponies, rehairing, painting symbols, and painting eyes. There's a link for hair matching if you're trying to find that perfect pony hair color. There's even a link which provides close up pictures of every MLP symbol under the sun.

CyberSunbeam is another excellent customizer that I have found.

She has a number of beautiful customs, a customizing tutorial, and a list of places to find supplies for customizing on her site.

Nachtlight is an amazing customizer and I would love to own at least one of her customs someday.

Her site is full of gorgeous customs. She does not currently have a customizing tutorial on her site, but the customs alone are worth the trip.

Tic Tac Toe is another great customizer and I hope to own at least one of her beautiful creations some day.

She has a ton of beautiful customs, a customizing tutorial, and a rehairing tutorial.

Violet Star Shine is another one of my favorite customizers and favorite people. Her customs are incredible and her Hasbro-inspired customs could easily pass as Hasbro made ponies.

She has a number of gorgeous customs to drool over. She also has quite a few drawings on her site that are worth a look too.

Website Images Links

This is the site where I found the backgrounds (purple unicorn, blue unicorn, and green unicorn) and welcome banner used throughout this site.

This site has an amazing selection of unicorn and pegasus backgrounds and buttons to choose from, as well as a few other types of backgrounds (owls, wolves, fairies, etc.).

Website Building Links

This is the site where I learned how to build my own website. Everything you see on my site was learned by studying Lissa's tutorials.

This is a great site to learn everything website related. From learning the basics (like how to write (and understand) html code) to fun stuff (like learning how to creata scrolling marquees and glowing text). She also touches on Java script (such as the mouse fireworks found on my site).

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