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Since I just moved, my pony collection hasn't been properly set up yet. :( Here they all are lined up three deep on the wall and the dresser. I only have one Kimono, but she's pictured twice.

9/7/2003: A number of changes have been made in order to help my site be more user friendly, pictures of my newest additions have been added, my reference and want lists have been updated, and one of the banners on my links page has been changed. :D
9/1/2003: Silverheart's Cloud is uploaded and revealed to the public. :D

Welcome to Silverheart's Cloud! I'm Silverheart and this my site, which I designed by hand. My site is devoted to My Little Ponies, especially custom made MLPs. Throughout this site you'll find pictures of my personal collection, my customs collection, my customs, my want list, my trade/sale list, my references, and links to some amazing websites, mostly MLP websites, that I've found. As my website grows, I'll add additional sections to it. But for now, the website is small and run by ponies. ;)

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