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This page is dedicated to the customs in my personal collection. Even though I make customs, I love collecting other customizer's work and feel that their work deserves to be showcased on a page solely dedicated to that purpose. I have included the name of the customizer who made the custom, if known, and the story behind the custom.

Silverheart and Jen, RPh Pharmacist Pony are my two pony personalities. Please do not use their names, symbols, or the ponies themselves for any reason. Also, please do not recreate or ask someone else to recreate either or both of them for you.

silverheart front
silverheart back

Name: Silverheart

Artist: Aikarin

This pony was commissioned for me as a gift

Silverheart is half of my pony personality. I received her on December 26, 2002, hence the name Silverheart122602. She is a pale blue color, unlike any pony ever designed by Hasbro. Also unlike any other Hasbro designed pony, Silverheart is a unipeg. Her hair is a soft white with a pale, ice blue streak of blue in her mane. Silver tinsel is sprinkled generously throughout her mane and tail. Her symbol is a blue heart with silver wings, similiar to Heart Throb's symbol. (No, the symbol was not based on Heart Throb's. I did not even know Heart Throb existed when I designed this pony.) She also has a tiny blue heart below her display side eye. Her wings and horn are lightly dusted with fine silver glitter.

rph pony front
rph pony back

Name: Jen, RPh Pharmacist Pony

Artist: Aikarin

This pony was commissioned as a gift for me

Jen, RPh Pharmacist Pony is the other half of my pony personality. She is a pale lavendar pegasus with soft white hair and a pale lavendar streak in her mane. Her mane and tail is sprinkled generously with sparkling silver tinsel. Her symbol is a silver mortar and white pestle with a white wing on each side of the mortar. A silver halo floats above the pestle. The "Rx" is written in purple glitter. Her wings are dusted with a deep purple glitter.

amazon parrot

Name: Amazon Parrot

Artist: genvieve13

Won on Ebay (seller: genvieve13)

Amazon Parrot, who was formerly TE Speedy, has always wanted wings. Now she sports a huge, beatuiful pair made with feathers from a real Amazon parrot. Her symbol consists of shimmery roller skates with wings and her horn and eyes have also been coated with that same shimmer.

amethyst angel

Name: Amethyst Angel

Artist: cjpearl

Won on Ebay (seller: cjpearl)

Amethyst Angel is a very unique flutter pony. Her entire body is done in a deep amethyst purple, which is beautifully accentuated by delicate feather wings sprinkled with glitter. She sports two tiny circular rhinestones on each hip, floating on a cloud of glitter. Her symbol is also duplicated on her forehead.

baby bright eyes

Name: Baby TE Bright Eyes

Artist: Violet Star Shine


Baby TE Bright Eyes is a perfect rendition of her TE mommy. She shares the exact same body color, hair colors, and symbol. Her eyes are also identical to her mommy's, although in the picture above they appear different colors because of the flash. Notice how, like her mommy, Baby Bright Eyes appears to have a shy pose. Violet Star Shine also rerooted the white strip in mommy Bright Eyes' mane as well.

baby heart throb

Name: Baby Heart Throb

Artist: Violet Star Shine


Baby Heart Throb looks just like her mommy. Heart Throb came to me in mint condition, with the minor exception of a faded symbols. I wanted to add more color to her so I painted her hearts red instead of pink. I was so happy with her that way that I wanted an NBBE baby to match. Violet Star Shine made her the perfect NBBE baby, complete with tiny red hearts and silver, glittery wings.

baby love

Name: Baby Love

Artist: [unknown at this time; if you are the artist or know who made her]

Won on Ebay (seller: blubrryshortcake)

Formerly Baby Moondancer, Baby Love loves showing off her new look. Her hooves and horn are accentuated with a bright orangish pink color, topped off with red glitter. Her symbol, a series of three hearts, one inside the other, matches the dusting of glittery hearts sprinkled throughout her mane and tail.

baby minty

Name: Baby Minty

Artist: Silverfall

Received during MLPonique's 2003 Summer Custom Exchange

Baby Minty is modeled after 2003 Minty, who decided to pose in the picture as well. Baby Minty matches 2003 Minty right down to her one-sided symbol and her cutie mark, which is covered my her tail in the picture. Baby Minty is also posing with her accessories: a mint green brush, a pale pink teddy bear, and her crib. Notice how her hair matches the color of her teddy bear and her body color matches the brush color.

baby princess miracle

Name: Baby Princess Miracle

Artist: stanst1

Won on Ebay (seller: stanst1)

Baby Princess Miracle is a very special baby. She used to be a baby unicorn, but a dog chewed off her horn and part of one ear. Her ear has been repaired and a scar is all that remains as a reminder of that unfortunate encounter. Where her horn used to be, she now proudly displays a single, perfect, white heart. Her symbol is composed of three irridescent hearts, one inside the other.

baby tickle

Name: Baby Tickle

Artist: Violet Star Shine


Violet Star Shine has done is again. :) Baby Tickle and her mommy are exact duplicated of each other. My Tickle's symbols had faded quite a bit so I redid them with silver glitter (I've never cared much for gold). Unfortunately a combination of glitter that was too big and a brush that wasn't small enough resulted in very bold feathers...but now you can't miss them. ;) I liked her symbol so much better when it was silver that I asked Violet Star Shine to make Baby Tickle's symbols silver as well.


Name: Cupid

Artist: Ginger Ponies

Won on Ebay (seller: gilliganbuzz78)

Cupid is a pegasus who has been told she wears her heart on her sleeve...actually, she wears them all over her body. Her symbol is done in a TAF design composed of 3-D hearts of different colors and sizes sprinkled all over her body and face. Her wings are a deep pink and dusted with lots of glitter, as you can tell from the picture.


Name: Erin

Artist: faeriewater

Won on Ebay (seller: faeriewater)

Erin just screams "Good luck" from her four-leaf clover symbol to the four-leaf clover charm she wears around her neck. Erin loves rainbows, which is apparent from her rainbow colored mane and tail and the jewels which span across her body. She also has a tiny oval shaped white jewel on her forehead, but this is not visible in the picture.

fairie wings

Name: Fairie Wings

Artist: genvieve13

Won on Ebay (seller: genvieve13)

Fairie Wings was made from a Forget-Me-Not who wanted a new lease on life. Her symbol is still a trial of forget-me-not flowers, but now they shimmer with a touch of glitter. Her eyes are also accentuated by glitter, with just a hint of it in place of eyeshadow. Her most prominent feature though is her huge, glittery wings which help her to soar across the sky.


Name: Feathers

Artist: Skydancer (MLPonique on the MLPTP)

Received during MLPonique's 2003 Summer Custom Exchange

"Feathers lives high above in the mountain overlooking Flutter Valley. Although clearly a cousin of the flutters, she is also related to the Highflying Dream Beauties and would prefer to hang out or any other feathered type ponies - it's not that she doesn't like the flutters, but they can't keep up with her!" (Feathers' story as told to me by Stardancer.) Feathers' symbol is a solitary purple feather pointed towards the sky. Her most outstanding feature is her huge, beautifully done wings.


Name: Fishie

Artist: Tikibirds

Won on Ebay (seller: tiki_birds2)

Fishie loves the ocean! Her favorite colors are blue and purple, both of which can be found on her at all times. Her body color is a beautiful, sea blue and her hair is a perfect mixed blend of dark blue and purple. Her symbol, which is done in a TAF design, is composed of fish of all different colors scattered across her body. She also has a few "air bubbles" in the design.

holly jolly

Name: Holly Jolly

Artist: [unknown at this time; please email me if you are the artist or if you know who made her]

Won on Ebay (seller: nsunshinejones)

Holly Jolly loves Christmas; it's her favorite holiday. Her symbol is composed of a wreath of holly leaves and berries arranged as if someone slipped a wreath over her tail. She loves to display her Christmas spirit thoughout the year by wearing her jingle bell choker (which has assorted Christmas icons on it) and reinderr antlers. Her favorite song is Jingle Bells, which she loves to play by prancing around with her choker on.

i love you

Name: I Love You

Artist: [unknown at this time; please email me if you are the artist or if you know who made her]

Won on Ebay (seller: blubrryshortcake)

I believe I Love You is related to Baby Love. Similiar to Baby Love, I Love You sports the same orangish pink color to accentuate her hooves and wings. Her symbol is a heart done in this same orangish pink, outlined with red glitter. There is a silver "I" above the heart and a silver "U" below it. Her mane and tail are also sprinkled with glittery hearts.


Name: Moondrizzle

Artist: Sarix (Dusty Gusty on the MLPTP)


Moondrizzle is the nearly identical twin of Moondrop; their only difference (other than their names) is that Moondrizzle sports a pale pink sickle moon, whereas Moondrop's moon is a pale blue. Here's Sarix's description on Moondrop: "'Moondrop' was inspired by the purity of the moon on a dark night. Her symbol reflects her name: a diamante drop, that drips from a skillfully hand painted sickle moon, painted in soft blue glitter, and shimmering diamond and silver moondust, trickling down . She has a diamante emblem on her forehead. Her long white mane is complimented by strands of pearls, radiating like moonbeams. Her elegant white tail is supplemented with rays of pearlescent drops, flowing downwards. She has a tiny faux diamond in each eye. " Now do you see why I fell in love with her? ;)

baby mimic

Name: Newborn Baby TE Mimic

Artist: Violet Star Shine


Newborn Baby TE Mimic is a perfect replication of her TE mommy, Mimic, as you can see in the photo. Baby Mimichas the exact same body and hair colors as her mommy and the exact same parrot symbol. The only difference is that her TE eyes are a deep emerald green as opposed to Mimic's light peridot green, but I don't think VSS could have chosen a better color for the eyes. :) Also, unlike most TE customs, Baby Mimic's eyes do not bug out of her head.

newborn baby dancing butterflies

Name: Newborn Baby Dancing Butterflies

Artist: Violet Star Shine

Received as part of a trade

Newborn Baby Dancing Butterflies is an adorable tiny replica of TAF Dancing Butterflies. Everything about her is so adorable, from her tiny little wings and perfect butterfly symbols to her bright blue eyes and slightly shy pose. Although not visible in the picture, she also has a tiny pink butterfly on her forehead. Newborn Baby Dancing Butterflies is sad right now though because she misses her mommy. She hopes to find her soon, even though she's enjoying hanging around with her distant aunt Rapunzel (their relation is visible by her super long hair).

baby rapunzel

Name: Newborn Baby Rapunzel

Artist: Aikarin

Bought in a private sale

Newborn Baby Rapunzel is modeled to look like a miniature, newborn version of the mail order fairy tail pony, Rapunzel. She is perfect from her pale pink body color to her perfectly replicated symbol of Rapunzel peeking out of a castle window. Her silky, shiny hair is arranged in gorgeous cascading curls. She's even more adorable in real life. :)

rapunzel custom

Name: Rapunzel

Artist: Aikarin


This Rapunzel is almost a dead ringer to the mail order fairy tail Rapunzel. The only difference is that her body color is a shade or two darker than the original MO pony, but I think the richer color helps to bring out her beauty even more. Her shiny, silky tresses are arranged in long, flowing ringlets cascading down the stairs and over the waterfall. She even has a perfect tiny pink braid tied with a delicate pink bow. Even though she may not be an "original" Rapunzel, she can most definitely hold her own. :)


Name: Rosedust

Artist: [unknown at this time; please email me if you are the artist or know who made her]

Won on Ebay

Meet Rosedust...with a twist. This flutter may have Rosedust's same body color, eye color, symbol, and name, but she is definitely not your ordinary Rosedust. Her mane and tail are horizontally dyed with alternating pink and green patches. Her most noticeable feature though is her glittery wings, made by the artist. Look at them sparkle!


Name: Silverheart (Rocky's version)

Artist: Rocky

Bought in a private sale

This version of Silverheart was made from a poor, abused Highflier. Her body is it's original pale purple color, but her mane and tail are now a rainbow of pink, purple, teal, and yellow mixed with silver tinsel. Her symbol is a large silver heart which curves in on one side and extends to the top of her leg. On her forehead, she sports a silver diamond. Her wings are handmade by Rocky and are thicker than normal Summer Wing pony wings. They are a beautiful creation with a shimmery metallic mosaic of purple, blue, and teal in which one color blends into another. Each wing also has two stars: one gold and one silver.


Name: Skycastle

Artist: Aikarin

Bought in a private sale

Skycastle is one very special pony. Like the pretty mane ponies, she has horizontally dyed hair, but her mane and tail display every color of the rainbow. Skycastle's symbol is a gorgoues glittery castle on a cloud. Although not visible in the picture, the bottom of her hooves are dusted with gold, some would say it rubbed off from sliding down rainbows and landing in pots of gold.

starhopper, stardancer, and luna

Names (from left to right): Starlight, Stardancer, and Luna

Artist: [unknown at this time; please email me if you are the artist or know who made this set]

Won on Ebay (seller: nsunshinejones)

Stardancer, Starlight, and Luna, three of the four ponies in this family, are the mother, brother, and sister, respectively. Starlight takes after his mother in the looks department as they both proudly display the same body and hair colors and the same symbol. Luna, on the other hand, must take after her father because the only similiarity she shares with her brother and mother are her symbol, which matches theirs.


Name: Unilove

Artist: Ginger Ponies

Won on Ebay (seller: gilliganbuzz78)

Unilove reminds me of the unicorn version of Cupid with her TAF 3-D hearts and crimped tail. Like Cupid's wings, her horn is dusted with glitter, but in this case her horn is a few shades lighted than her body color. Unlike Cupid though, the color of her hearts seems to be more focused around pinks, purples, and reds. Also, Unilove's mane consists only of two colors and her tail is composed solely of magenta.

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