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You may be asking yourself: "Who are you?" My answer to you would be: "I'm Silverheart. Who are you? :P" Anyway, by now you've deduced that I love MLPs. I used to play with them as a child and recently got back in to collecting them. Oddly enough it all started when I renewed my search to find a Barbie doll I wanted as a child but never received (Western Stampin' Barbie). Thanks to Ebay, I eventually found her and received her as a present that Christmas. After I found her, I began to wonder if MLPs were still floating around too. I typed "my little pony" in Ebay's search window and was floored when I found 45 pages of results! From then on, I was rehooked.

I found a wonderful identification site on the internet and went through and looked at pictures of almost every My Little Pony ever made and compiled a want list based on ponies that appealed to me. I've been actively seeking those ponies ever since. There are a number of ponies that I've really wanted that I've found (Rapunzel, the Jewelry babies, the Seaside babies, etc.) and others that I really want that continue to elude me (Nightlight, Pink Dreams, Gypsy). But in time I'll find them. Collecting is a long term hobby and after I've added every pony on my want list to my collection, then I'll have created my ideal herd.

But there's a lot more to me than an MLP addict. LOL I love reading, writing (especially poetry), and listening to music. Over the last few weeks I've also found that I really enjoy building websites too. I also love animals of all kinds, but have a special place in my heart for birds, especially African Grey parrots. I've recently found out that I also have a special place in my heart for hermit crabs. Below are pictures of my four pets.


This is Moondrop climbing on my bed with a piece of choya wood in the foreground. (If you've seen my customs collection page, yes Moondrop the crab was named after Moondrop the custom pony.) He's a fairly good size for a crab and very active. His favorite activities include knocking down the palm trees in the tank, trying to escape from the tank, and (unfortunately) bullying Confetti. He also has a fascination with my computer. He loves to scramble over the keys and tries to climb up the screen.

confetti shell

This is my other crab, Confetti. She's about the same size as Moondrop, but a little smaller. Moondrop likes to bully her a lot. :( She's just as active as Moondrop is, but she's very shy. She'll immediately retreat back into her shell if any type of shadow crosses over her shell. Her favorite activities include trying to escape from the tank, hiding behind the choya wood, and hiding from Moondrop. :(

I had another crab, Stardust, who I had picked up originally along with Moondrop. Unfortunately, she died not too long after I got her. She was my little buddy and touched my heart one day when she came out of her shell immediately after I said "Stardust it's ok honey. Nothing and no one will hurt you. I promise." Then she came out of her shell and started crawling over towards me. Moondrop liked to bully her too. :( She was my little buddy. Rest in peace, Stardust.


This is my Arican Grey parrot, Silver. He's going to be three years old this year and is quite a handful. I got him when he was six months old and he was very shy and reserved at first, so much so that I used to worry he would never talk. Now it's not uncommon to ask him to keep it to a "dull roar" and try and calm him down when he gets too excited playing with his favorite toy. His favorite activities include taking baths (on his own time of course), calling Moondrop, playing with his rope toy and his hanging ring, and especially trying to get Kisses (the family dog) in trouble.

Kisses posing

This is my dog Kisses. She's an 8 year old American Cocker. I got her when she was just a puppy. Over the years she's physically grown quite a bit, but she's still just a puppy at heart. She loves to play and she sleeps at the foot of my bed with me at night. Notice the slightly frightened, yet curious, look on her face. She hates having her picture taken (unlike Silver who's a big ham) and gets the frightened look on her face every time she sees a camera. The reason for the curious look is due to the fact that this picture was taken with a digital camera. She didn't figure out the funny black box was a camera until after I got the picture. ;)

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