Presentations and Papers

ICASSP 2011 ``Dynamics of tongue gestures extracted automatically from Ultrasound'' with Ian Fasel

ICPR 2010 ``Deep Belief Networks for Real-Time Extraction of Tongue Contours from Ultrasound During Speech'', with Ian Fasel

LabPhon 2010 ``Automatic Classification of Tongue Gestures in Ultrasound Images'', with Ian Fasel and Diana Archangeli

Ultrafest V 2010 ``Dark and light /l/s in Georgian'', with Diana Archangeli

Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics 2010 (to appear) ``ATR in Scottish Gaelic Tense Sonorants: A Preliminary Report'', with Diana Archangeli, Sunjing Ji, Keisha Josephs, Nicole Hunt, Muriel Fisher, and Andrew Carnie


Python script used in Ultrafest V above to calculate and plot neutral contours. The script expects 2 files at runtime: 1 containing the contour traces of the word to be plotted, and a second with the traces of the neutral position. This code can be run from a unix style terminal with the command

$ python neutralContour.py coli.txt neutral.txt

here are sample contour traces and neutral traces.

This code depends on matplotlib, version 0.99 or better, along with the mplot3d toolkit

This code is under development - I would appreciate any feedback. If you want to use this code, but need help, I am happy to help

Jeff Berry 2010-3-21