Beat Mary Dungan at Word Twist!!

Are you tired of losing to Mary?
Image Mary

Now you can use this code in your browser: scramble and wordtwist

Use this python code to beat her:

Now you can beat her at Scramble too!:

You need to have NLTK and Psyco installed to run this code:



If you don't want to bother with installing Psyco, just delete the first two lines of the .py file that say

import psyco
There is only a slight difference in speed that is only noticeable when calculating words over 7 letters long.

To use the code, open a terminal and type:

or for Scramble:

It will ask you to enter the letters on the board and return all the words. For Scramble type the letters from left to right, top to bottom, with no spaces. For a `Qu' type `q'.

Then you just type as fast as you can!

Note: please do not use this on unsuspecting players - it was written solely to defeat Mary.

Let me know if you have trouble with the scripts or ideas for improvement.

Jeff Berry 2008-04-30