Pictures of the eXtreme U Croquet court.

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      Here are some shots of one of the more eXtreme courts we set up at the U for lunch time Golf Croquet.  As you can see totally eXtreme topology here with each pair of hoops on their own level of the court -- and you've never seen a croquet player choke quite so spectacularly as when hitting down to either of the middle hoops because just a little bit too hard might as well be out of bounds, hitting back up that ridge is a bitch (harder than recovering across the court I'd recon given that a ball that is on top of the ridge and close to the edge isn't hittable by a ball from below because any ball coming from below with enough energy to do damage is going to be in the air and flying over it).  And if the level changes weren't enough there's three large concrete obstacles greatly complicating play to hoops 1 and 9 (much use of the stump rule on this court).  Not to mention a couple of palm trees (one of which is huge). . .

      This shot is from from corner II looking towards hoops 7 and 11 with with one of us playing back up the ridge for hoop 5 (hoop 3 is left of the picture and hoop 1 is just right of it behind the person playing):

      Grass can get a little long on this court, that and the lack of shade restrict it to more or less winter play.  Here the picture is taken from corner I and we're playing along the top shelf towards hoop 4: 

      All in all it's a fun court with more emphasis on luck than than say the bowl court.  But that's fine, variety is the spice of life and we get that in spades here.

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